2014: Year of the contextual AI

When we first seen Siri hit mobile devices, before developer ‘SRI International’ was even acquired by Apple, it was an impressive technology which gave a glimpse into what we can expect from the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Whilst improvements have been made, and the selection of similar competitors are in abundance from the likes of; Evi, Robin, Vlingo, Dragon, and Maluuba - for most of us, they’re redundant and more frustration than...

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Nokia’s negative, Lumia’s lifting

Nokia [NYSE: NOK] has unleashed their end of year financial results for 2013; an occasion industry observers have been waiting for to see how the company is now faring since the $7bn Microsoft acquisition last September.

Overall, Nokia hasn’t had the best 2013 with sales in ‘Operations’ down 21%, ‘NSN’ down 22%, ‘HERE’ down 9%, and ‘Advanced Technologies’ also down 20%... but is the outlook as bleak as many of the press are making...

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The Renaissance of Things

As we entered 2014, analysts everywhere took to their research with the hope to predict what the biggest trends will be throughout this year. The three recurrent themes are; wearables, connected devices, and big data… which can be related to what the industry is calling “The Internet of Things”.

Some are calling this phenomenon the next industrial revolution, and in terms of economic benefits they are right, but I’m taking a different...

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Warwick Warp’s CEO on biometric ID for personalised experiences #TTW

TelecomsTech (TT) spoke to Stewart Hefferman (SH) at Telecoms Tech World in London this week about the company for which he is the CEO, Warwick Warp, about the increasing capabilities of biometric identity personalisation.

Stewart was previously CEO of OmniPerception; a facial recognition and matching system under the Digital Barriers brand. Here he was also involved in biometrics, and certainly has the experience to answer anything we could chuck at him credibly!

TT: What makes the solutions...

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Kinect developer PrimeSense detected and acquired by Apple

Arguably the technology which makes Microsoft’s Xbox console stand-out from its main competitor is its Kinect peripheral; an innovative motion detecting camera. Whilst many gamers are slowly coming around to see its benefits; developers have been hacking it for years for fantastic uses.

Apple is known to acquire a range of technologies to use for its devices; ‘TouchID’ is a feature found in the new iPhone 5S made possible through the company’s AuthenTec acquisition in 2012.

A notable...

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Microsoft will rule the internet (yes, and Google…)

The next decade will be connected to that source of knowledge we know as the internet – whoever rules it has the keys to the tech world. Nobody really “owns” the internet; but some companies certainly have more influence than others over its contents – notably, Google.

One of the current hot topics in the industry is “The Internet of Things” - the idea being that every device has a reachable address on the web.

Whoever can harness this technology has an enviable...

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Tizen selects Nokia’s Here platform for location

Nick Dillon, Senior Analyst, Devices & Platforms

The Tizen Association announced on Monday that it has selected Nokia’s Here maps platform to power the location elements of the Tizen mobile operating system.

This fills a major hole in Tizen’s offering and paves the way for the launch of the first Tizen handsets from Samsung, which we expect to arrive in 2014. Although the impact of the deal will ultimately rely on the success of Tizen, the selection of Here not only illustrates the growing...

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Voice startup ‘hello’ wants you to say goodbye to Skype

A new Indiegogo campaign by the name of ‘hello’ launches today, with its founder claiming he wants to create “the Mozilla of telephony”.

Paul Grimshaw, the company’s founder, claims that the peer-to-peer voice startup is unique in that it offers complete customisation and branding, with users being able to connect between different providers and move freely between them.

For instance, Canonical could set up an...

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Where is the Apple iPhone 5C’s market?

Apple is a premium brand. It was for this very reason I got nervous in the days before yesterday’s keynote about the rumoured iPhone 5C.

What everyone felt certain of, was that it would be considerably cheaper than the higher-end ‘5S’ in order to enter the mid-level market at an affordable price that could potentially put an iPhone in any consumer’s hands.

In the short-term, this would have worked wonders.

Price a mid-range iPhone like Google’s Nexus 4 at $370 (£239) and it...

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There’s a new Nokia, it’s called Newkia

Not everyone is happy about Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia; it marks the end of an iconic brand which only three years ago was the market leader in smartphones. Many would attribute this downfall to the lack of success found by Windows Phone.

Many speculate whether Nokia would have found success on the Android platform – I personally think they would have.

Nokia’s reason for not following the crowd was they didn’t want to be in HTC's position; bringing out fantastic handsets - but living under...

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