U.S. Smartphone Penetration Reaches 75 Percent

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Imagine that a marketer could reach more than 70 percent of Americans without utilizing traditional mass-media, such as TV or radio. Well, that's the allure of mobile marketing via smartphone apps.We're just beginning to see the full potential of the mobile cloud phenomena in America. The latest market research will reveal the upside opportunity. ComScore released data reporting key trends in the U.S. smartphone industry for December 2014.Apple ranked as the top smartphone...

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Opera launches "all you can eat" app store

For operators, the added perks you can offer customers which helps to differentiate your package from the competition is one of the most important factors as network performance becomes negligibly different between providers. Opera Software has launched an operator-branded app store which promises "all you can eat" apps and games, and it could be worth adding to your arsenal. 

One of the biggest benefits of Opera's...

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Nokia shows off HERE Auto, ponders autonomous cars

Major platform holders such as Google and Apple are looking into bringing apps into the car to enhance the driving experience, whilst vendors such as HERE are looking to remove the driver altogether in favour of autonomous vehicles. It's clear, the automotive industry is ripe to be disrupted.

Drivers are more willing to accept changes that come gradually, as has been the case with things such as cruise control.

Nokia is no stranger to the automotive industry, and supplies its HERE maps to some of the world's...

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Verizon's new 'Advanced Calling' has arrived, and the iPhone 6 is supported

Earlier this month, Verizon Wireless launched 'Advanced Calling' across its nationwide network with support for select smartphones. Apple's latest iPhone 6, and its plus-sized brethren, were not initially able to access this decievingly simple yet important new addition to the network's features.

As of this week, the switch has now been flicked, and users of the iPhone 6 can begin to reap its benefits.

Verizon's Advanced Calling is a more consumer-friendly branding of VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) which allows users...

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Phones4U heads into administration, iPhone 6 orders cancelled

Phones4U, a troubled UK mobile phones retailer, has gone into controversial administration resulting in the closure of 550 stores. The company has long had issues after mobile operators dropped support for the business after reportedly being unable to conclude new distribution agreements.

Vodafone said in a statement: "Phones 4U was offered repeated opportunities to propose competitive distribution terms to enable us to conclude a new agreement, but was unable to do so." Vodafone...

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Emergency legislation gives UK authorities NSA-like powers

In the face of an escalating terror threat, which has led to increased airport security measures, emergency legislation is being controversially rushed through parliament to force phone and internet companies to retain data for at least 12 months despite a lack of discussion around its impact.

TelecomsTech reported this week of the EU Commission's distaste the Data Retention Act...

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Leaked document reveals Nokia's future at Microsoft

Prolific leaker, Evleaks, has released internal documents sent to ex-Nokia employees about how they should make the transition to Microsoft and what they should expect going forward. It consists of several pages and contains a 31-question FAQ to help answer worries and ease the process.

The document reveals that Microsoft acquired Nokia for $7.5 billion and reserves the right to use Nokia's Lumia...

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Licence to Kill: Laws signed for cell phone ‘kill switch'

Minnesota has become the latest state to sign legislation that requires all mobile phones and tablets sold within its borders to be equipped with anti-theft software which includes a remote ‘kill switch’ able to shut-off and lock the device if it is stolen or being used for illegitimate purposes.

iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices already come with built-in software which can locate, wipe, or shut-down the missing device. On iPhone and iPad this comes in the form of ‘Find my...

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Google prepares for the digital currency revolution with Wallet, but where is Apple?

Google offers their Google Wallet which supports NFC payment technology – and the team say they are working on integrating Bitcoin.

Ariel Bardin, Vice President of Payments at Google, has asked a Redditor to ask “What would I want Google to do with Bitcoin?” so he can watch the conversation.

Microsoft has a digital wallet, but there’s no word whether it will support Bitcoin (or others.)


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S5 is the most expensive smartphone to build in this Galaxy

Samsung’s smartphones have never been known for their build quality. Reviews have called outer shells “cheap plastic” and although changing to a more faux leather texture with their latest Galaxy S5 – few would pit the build cost as being above rivals such as the HTC One M8.

But, it is. In fact an IHS teardown has revealed the Galaxy S5 carriers the biggest bill of materials of any smartphone.

The 32GB iteration of the handset carries a BOM of $251.52 and rises further to $256.52 once...

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