Can Telefónica halt the OTT smash and grab with "TU Me"?

European telecoms giant Telefónica has released its own VoIP-based communication app, in a direct challenge to the popular OTT services that have usurped billions of dollars of operators’ revenue over the last year.

European operators have been feeling the pinch from services like Skype and WhatsApp, and companies including Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodfone have been making noises about introducing their own rich...

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Everything Everywhere rues impact of MTR cuts

Everything Everywhere, the company formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, has posted a drop in service revenue of 2.5 per cent to fall to £1.5bn in its first quarter earnings statement.The firm blamed the drop on the impact of regulated mobile termination rate (MTR) cuts. Last year, the UK’s Competition Commission decided to increase the speed at which mobile termination rates must fall, from 4 pence per minute to just 0.65 pence per minute by 1 April 2014. It said that, excluding the impact of these cuts, revenue would have...

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How big data is challenging mobile service mediation

The traditional approach to service charging involved each network event being equal to a chargeable unit that was priced individually. But this paradigm has changed. The new approach involves tiered service bundles and periodic allowances. This change has been the result of a combination of evolving consumer behaviors and technology advances that have resulted in a rapid increase of usage data being generated by communications networks. These volumes manifest themselves as the challenge we are coming to...

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Determining if there really is a spectrum shortage

Those of us who have been in the wireless space for years take for granted that there is a spectrum shortage but the New York Times had a compelling story discussing how spectrum sharing and smart antennas will help alleviate the problem.

They even have a quote from David P. Reed saying that radio frequencies are not finite. TMC's Peter Bernstein disagrees with this last point and has some

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Telecom Service Providers Await Economic Recovery

Due to a partial improvement in both the fixed (wireline) and mobile (wireless) network communication sectors, telecom service provider revenues passed the $1.91 trillion mark in 2011 -- that's compared to $1.79 trillion in 2010, according to the latest global market study by Ovum. Carrier capital expenditure (capex) investment also rose in 2011, but late-year economic jitters depressed the global growth rates. In a new Ovum report, Matt Walker, a Principal Analyst in Ovum’s Networks practice, said: "Economic worries caused budget cuts late in the year, hitting Service Provider capex." Overall for 2011, capex grew 9 percent to...

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Telecom's Rubicon: Retaining customer loyalty in tough times

Global mobile broadband traffic grew by 83% in the second half of the year with a CAGR of 234% during 2011, according to an Allot Mobile Trends report. Telcos are struggling to sustain the investment in mobile-data networks, only to see other web companies reaping the rewards for it.

With their revenues from traditional channels such as voice calls and text messages falling they have set on a road to find ways to get extra revenues from the use of data. So what are their options and what are the implications...

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Will the Was "Now" Network become the Will Be "Now" Network?

After over a year of position and scheming, it appears that Sprint has finally adopted a technical direction for its network and customers. And, for all of you who have a WiMAX-based Sprint 4G phone, at least you are not more than two years away from getting trade-in value for an LTE-based 4G product.

The bottom line is that Sprintwill not be adding any new WiMAX phones to its crowded line-up of user technology.

So, the old front-runner...

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Why won’t enterprise choose telco operators for Cloud services?

At the recent Cloud Net Summit in London, there was considerable discussion regarding the role carriers and telecoms service providers can play in the provision of cloud services. One of the most noteworthy observations came from research by Current Analysis, which suggested that only 6% of businesses choose carriers as their “go-to” source for cloud services.

A number of reasons were advanced for this perhaps surprising conclusion, including the suggestion that carriers are perceived as having...

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Operators begin fight back against OTT messaging #mwc12

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week saw much interest in the rise of instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Pinger, Rim’s BBM and Facebook Messenger; applications that allow users to send messages and media to each other over a data or wifi network.

WhatsApp, a cross platform subscription service that lets users converse in real time, in groups and supporting rich media, is currently serving 2bn...

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Every which that a technical strategy

With the possibility of piling-on, the last two weeks have been precious in terms of technical and business strategy gone awry.Friday, it was announced that Sprint's Board of Directors decided to turn against a Several Billion dollar deal to buy MetroPCS.  From a strategy perspective, you could ask what the Sprint-Nextel's CEO Dan Hesse was thinking?  This failure also comes on the heels of the virtually certainty of LightSquared being denied any useful operating license by the...

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