Deutsche Telekom's Google talks give rise to NFC payment apps

Deutsche Telekom AG has been in apparent discussion with Google over the possibility of expanding its mobile payments service overseas and collaborating with Google Wallet.

This is all according to the German mobile giant’s head of innovation Thomas Kiessling, who said in an interview that Deutsche Telekom was targeting a series of credit card companies and banks alongside Google.

“We’re talking to other players in the market, and even a co-operation...

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And the winner in the India 3G roaming pacts case is?

You’d never get a boxing match with only two judges in case of a split decision – so why did the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) in India do it with a vital 3G roaming case?

The case revolves around whether operators should still be allowed to use roaming ‘pacts’ on 3G services and the two judges and members of TDSAT, Chairman Justice S B Sinha and Member P K Rastogi, differed in their opinions which meant a split decision.

The trial was presided over by only...

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WBA trials advanced next generation hotspots for 2013

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), in collaboration with major TELCOs including Telefonica and AT&T, has revealed a series of trials of next generation hotspots (NGH) with the aim of providing more public Wi-Fi access points worldwide.

The WBA’s ambition is “to secure an outstanding user experience through the global deployment of next-generation Wi-Fi”, and it has gotten a who’s who of telecommunications on board.

Other providers include BT, China Mobile and Time Warner Cable,...

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AT&T was good at seeing the future, not at executing on it...

A few weeks back at the Alcatel Lucent analyst event, author Douglas Coupland treated us to a post-dinner speech on visions of the future. It was an interesting moment, but the highlight for me was these video adverts that he showed from AT&T back in 1993.

What's really interesting to me is that if you project back, it took a fair bit of vision to actually anticipate some of these changes, and if you look closely, every single one of them came true. What's even more interesting to me is that AT&T (or more generally telcos) have virtually no stake in any of those. I've compiled a table to look at who is the key...

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SMS traffic will reach 9.4 trillion messages by 2016

Mobile network operator text messaging revenue is being impacted by the adoption of alternative smartphone messaging apps -- such as WhatsApp, iMessage and others. But it's not a major concern. According to the latest market study by Informa Telecoms & Media, they now forecast that mobile operators will still generate a total of $722.7 billion in revenues from SMS between 2011 and 2016. "There will not be a uniform decline in mobile operator SMS traffic and revenues as a result of the adoption and use of over-the-top messaging services," says Pamela Clark-Dickson, senior analyst, Mobile Content & Applications, at Informa Telecoms &...

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When perfection does matter

While we often argue against the need for perfection, there is definitely a time and a place when it's required and any discussion about TELCOs should at least try to recognise this.

Although today we see many services as non-essential, just useful and, possibly, fun, it's easy to forget that TELCO networks deliver some fundamental services that can have a critical role to play in our lives.


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T-Mobile USA culls 900 jobs but expects to put 550 back

T-Mobile USA has announced another round of job cuts with 900 employees leaving the Seattle-based company.

The move comes as the mobile operator reassesses its strategy following a failed $39 billion merger with AT&T last year, claiming that it “will enable us to react with greater speed and effectiveness to customer and market opportunities...that better positions T-Mobile to return to growth.”

T-Mobile is the only one of the ‘big four’ American mobile networks not to carry the...

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Nokia warns of losses in face of “competitive industry dynamics”

Finnish handset vendor Nokia has announced that is expecting to report a loss for the first two quarters of 2012.
In a statement released Wednesday the firm blamed “competitive industry dynamics” for damaging net sales for its Mobile Phones and Smart Devices business units, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, India and China.The announcement takes the shine off the recent resurgence of Nokia’s high end...

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