Will the Was "Now" Network become the Will Be "Now" Network?

After over a year of position and scheming, it appears that Sprint has finally adopted a technical direction for its network and customers. And, for all of you who have a WiMAX-based Sprint 4G phone, at least you are not more than two years away from getting trade-in value for an LTE-based 4G product.

The bottom line is that Sprintwill not be adding any new WiMAX phones to its crowded line-up of user technology.

So, the old front-runner...

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Why won’t enterprise choose telco operators for Cloud services?

At the recent Cloud Net Summit in London, there was considerable discussion regarding the role carriers and telecoms service providers can play in the provision of cloud services. One of the most noteworthy observations came from research by Current Analysis, which suggested that only 6% of businesses choose carriers as their “go-to” source for cloud services.

A number of reasons were advanced for this perhaps surprising conclusion, including the suggestion that carriers are perceived as having...

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Operators begin fight back against OTT messaging #mwc12

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week saw much interest in the rise of instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Pinger, Rim’s BBM and Facebook Messenger; applications that allow users to send messages and media to each other over a data or wifi network.

WhatsApp, a cross platform subscription service that lets users converse in real time, in groups and supporting rich media, is currently serving 2bn...

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Every which way...is that a technical strategy

With the possibility of piling-on, the last two weeks have been precious in terms of technical and business strategy gone awry.Friday, it was announced that Sprint's Board of Directors decided to turn against a Several Billion dollar deal to buy MetroPCS.  From a strategy perspective, you could ask what the Sprint-Nextel's CEO Dan Hesse was thinking?  This failure also comes on the heels of the virtually certainty of LightSquared being denied any useful operating license by the...

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Carriers Validate Enterprise Mobility Space

By Sam Liu
Partnerpedia's VP of Marketing

Recently we have seen carriers enter the enterprise mobility space, specifically Verizon Wireless’ private app store for business and AT&T’s mobile app management solution. This is a good indication of the continued maturation of enterprise mobility.

Carriers are known for supplying commodity voice and data plans to corporations...

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Risk and Reward: Operators Need Flexible Investment Funds

Readers from outside the UK may have been amused by the protracted process that has led to the announcement of a new high-speed railway that will be built here. Our friends around the world must be wondering why it's taken so long to embrace something that, in many countries, has been around for several decades.

Well, better late than never – at least there's no competition for such projects, so there's no risk that someone else will get there first. But it does make us think about the decision making...

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The Real Trend at CES - No Connectivity

I have been in about 30 product briefings so far at CES so far and the trend is the same. No mater where I go exhibitors and sponsors tell me the connectivity is not good in this room or in this booth or in this part of the hotel or this part of the convention center. Yesterday I was at the Las Vegas Convention Center and today in the Venetian and Palazzo hotels and the connectivity in all locations was terrible.

That leaves the wireless carriers...

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AT&T throws in the towel on T-Mobile merger


AT&T has thrown in the towel on its controversial bid to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom (DT).

Since it was announced in March, the £39bn acquisition drew fierce criticism from US consumer groups, not to mention stiff resistance from the US Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The termination of the merger incurs a hefty payout from AT&T, $3bn to DT in Q4 this year. In addition, AT&T will...

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Telefonica to test mobile wallet system in Europe

Blackberry maker RIM has announced that it will partner with Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica to trial NFC mobile wallet technology in Europe.

While the technology is already widely used in Asia, adoption of NFC payments has been sluggish in the West while the industry struggled to unravel the competing interests of the many different players involved in the market; though recently, some of the key players have begun to make strides into the space.

RIM’s announcement this week that it was partnering...

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