Can HTC go for the jugular in Chinese smartphone market?

Everyone’s getting used to struggling financial results from the telecoms industry these days due to the bleak economic outlook.

Announcing quarterly figures is akin to a death sentence, especially if the big companies find the going difficult.

Huawei posted strong sales revenue figures of CNY 102.7bn (£10.4bn), overtaking Swedish giants Ericsson through the first two quarters of 2012.

But despite this, they posted a 22%...

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The 4G road ahead: Some common denominators for WiMAX and LTE

For a long time, it has been held that WiMAX has a definite and powerful time-to-market advantage over LTE and LTE-Advanced networks. This is because of WiMAX’s maturity as a technology, but also due to its higher readiness to be deployed. On the other hand and despite the many commitments, LTE remains at the trial stage largely.Recent market reports, however, indicate thatWiMAX’s advantage may be short-lived and that WiMAX, despite prospects of growth, will be eventually eclipsed by LTE’s growth, which is projected to take an exponential at the time of writing this article.More generally speaking, both...

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10 megatrends for mobile operators on the prepaid market

Even though by far the largest part of many mobile operators’ customer bases are today using prepaid products, the prepaid market has hardly developed strategically since the launch of the very first prepaid products many years ago.

When we examine the prepaid market, there is little doubt that many operators are seeing their prepaid business case develop negatively; and that what was once good business is developing into a less attractive business area, with operators in many countries fighting to move...

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Five ways NFC could transform business life


The emergence of the ‘mobile wallet’ is one of the most talked-about technology developments of 2012.

An increasing number of leisure outlets, shops and transport hubs now have NFC readers at checkouts, which means customers can pass an NFC-enabled handset in front of the device to make an instant payment, debited either from their bank account or added to their monthly mobile service charge.

Instead of carrying a large wallet full of cards or fumble in pockets for cash, this...

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How mobile networks will manage data velocity

The global volume of mobile data traffic is now forecast to exceed 107 exabytes in 2017, according to the the latest market study by ABI Research. This worldwide total mobile network traffic velocity will be eight times more than what is expected during 2012. ...

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Verizon given $1.25m fine for allegedly blocking tethering apps

Verizon Wireless, one of the biggest carriers in America, has agreed to stop blocking its Android subscribers from using third party tethering apps.

The ruling from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also left Verizon out of pocket - $1.25 million (£805k) out of pocket to be precise.

Teetering on the tethering tightrope

Tethering, or the act of using one’s phone as a wireless hotspot for tablets and laptops, was originally acceptable with Verizon so long as users pay $20 per month in...

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Huawei largest telecom equipment vendor, beats Ericsson

There’s been a sea-change at the top of the telecom equipment vendors market; Chinese manufacturer Huawei posted more sales revenue than Ericsson through Q1 and Q2 of 2012.

Huawei posted first-half sales revenue figures of CNY 102.7bn (£10.4bn), which was a 5% increase from this time last year.

In comparison, Swedish vendor Ericsson posted revenue figures of 106.3bn kronor (£9.85bn) for the first two quarters of this year.

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei chief financial officer, spoke of “moving...

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Telco IT spend to decline as a percentage of revenues by 2016

By Shagun Bali, Analyst, Telecom IT, Ovum

Ovum publishes analysis of telco IT spending forecast

As market forces continue to drive substantial change in telecommunications, the industry’s IT spending will respond accordingly. Faced with limited prospects for revenue growth, telecoms service providers are keeping capital expenditure budgets in check. They are also reducing costs by outsourcing certain operations to leverage vendors’ economies of scale and expertise.

The market is witnessing rapid...

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ZTE and Alcatel-Lucent raise earnings fears – will M&A save the day?

By Matt Walker, Principal Analyst, Networks & Technology


Hard times continue for telecom infrastructure vendors.

In the past week, two of the top six suppliers – Alcatel-Lucent (#4) and ZTE (#6) – have warned of disappointing 2Q12 earnings.Ericsson’s 2Q12 earnings were much weaker than expected. Another top vendor, Nokia Siemens Networks, is making major staff cuts, spinning off assets, and suffering predictably challenging morale and customer reactions.

Huawei and Cisco appear...

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