Carriers pinpoint speed and software as vital to monetizing their networks

How do carriers squeeze more value out of their networks? This issue was the focus of the first panel at OFC/NFOEC’s Service Provider Summit, Monetizing the Network: Achieving Value out of the Infrastructure, on Wednesday March 20. Monetization is a top concern of operators as many OTT players become profitable household names while paying nothing for the network. Unfortunately it’s a concern without an easy solution. Yet two of the speakers at the summit identified a common issue where they really need help: more...

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Searching for pockets of growth, but telecom IT convergence is the mega-trend

With carrier capex under pressure, what pockets of growth exist in the optical industry? What type of vendor can best go after these opportunities? Speakers at OFC/NFOEC’s State of the Industry panel disagreed on the answers, but all seemed to accept that these were the right questions to ask.

Ovum’s own Dana Cooperson kicked things off by reminding attendees that, in an industry as huge as telecom (with 2012 service revenues of nearly $2 trillion and capex around $325bn), slow growth comes with the territory. The...

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What it takes to compete with Over-The-Top television

For the last few weeks, I have been busy working on a big in-depth report on NGA services. Although its importance can sometimes be exaggerated, TV content is of course at the heart of NGA portfolio considerations, and I wanted to delve a little bit here into how I have examined that issue.

The notion that broadband providers are scared of on-demand TV is not new, and it’s an understatement. All of the...

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Mexico’s plan for telecoms reform will require careful implementation

Luca Schiavoni, Analyst, Regulation

As it promised in the wake of the recent elections, the newly appointed Mexican government has presented an extensive set of reforms that aim to transform the landscape of the telecoms sector. Most proposals appear to go in the right direction, moving toward a more competitive market, in particular the much-needed creation of a stronger and more independent regulatory body. As Ovum noted in our Regulatory Scorecard 2013: LATAM, the lack of such a body has been the main reason for...

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Conflict between ARCEP and Skype highlights the uncertainty of VoIP regulation

Luca Schiavoni, Analyst, Regulation

The French regulator ARCEP’s recent move to report Skype to the public prosecutor in Paris is its latest attempt to get the VoIP provider to declare itself an electronic communications operator. However, its efforts have not prevented Skype from operating in the country so far. The French case is an example of the uncertainty that surrounds the definition and regulation of VoIP services. VoIP is exercising increasing...

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Skype in trouble with France over not declaring operator status

The French telecommunciations regulator ARCEP (Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes) has informed the Paris public prosecutor that Skype has not registered itself as a telco, as per its obligation.

According to ARCEP, the Luxembourg-based video call service will be committing a felony, but only by not declaring itself, in line with Article L. 33-1 of the French Postal and Electronic Communications Code.

ARCEP states that Skype falls into the telco category...

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Mobile operators, OTT, and revenues: What lies ahead?

At Mobile World Congress 2013, I attended a distinguished panel about The Future of Communications, showing that in today’s communications, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what’s lying ahead.

René Oberman (CEO, Deutsche Telekom) talked about how outstanding LTE technology is in terms of the quality of its data delivery. But he also noted that while operators invest in technology and quality of delivery, OTTs are riding on that investment for free. Deutsche Telekom's network has experienced...

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Neelie Kroes repeats her call for a single market for telecoms in Europe

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, has used her keynote speech at MWC 2013 to reiterate her vision of a single market for telecoms in Europe. Kroes believes that a fragmented regulatory environment and inconsistent application of the rules is hampering investment and innovation, and that increased harmonisation is the only answer.

While a more thorough implementation of the existing framework is certainly desirable, Ovum questions just how much operators are...

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How much will data users actually pay? It's personal...

I’d like to share what I think is one of the big topics being discussed at Mobile World Congress 2013 in the past few days. I participated in a seminar about "learning from consumer behaviour." It focused on trends that can be identified in the mobile communications world.  The general agreement was that the trends pose an opportunity and a threat at the same time.  Mobile networks are dealing daily with the explosion of smartphones and tablet users on their network.  In the mature markets, the...

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