Orange and Baidu strike up smartphone partnership

By Emeka Obiodu, Principal Analyst, Telco StrategyFrance Telecom/Orange and Baidu, the leading Chinese-language Internet search provider, have signed an exclusive deal to co-develop a new mobile browser for emerging markets. The new browser will be designed for the Android platform and will be available in Arabic, English, and French across Orange’s footprint in Africa and the Middle East, starting with Egypt. While the new browser will offer enhanced data compression capabilities, the bigger story is that the...

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Smart thinking required around M2M

By Rob Bamforth, principle analyst, Quocirca

Despite having almost ten years of marketing hype, almost a decade of being the next big revolution, M2M still doesn’t seem to be living up to its full potential, but why?

Some of the forecasts around potential growth and market opportunities are truly huge, but there’s confusion about what exactly we’re measuring here? Some predictions plug the expected number of devices in the billions, while...

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Can there be a pan-European telecoms market?

The European Union appears to be looking at with measures designed to promote a pan-European telecoms market, according to reports from the Financial Times.

This would be a huge step in terms of European telecoms infrastructure, in an attempt to remedy the currently fragmented market.

Neelie Kroes, vice president of the European commission, told the Financial Times that while further collaboration in the marketplace was crucial, plans for a single telecoms regulator were not in the pipeline at this...

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Merger reduces number of mobile operators in Austria from four to three

By James Robinson, Associate Analyst, Regulation and PolicyThe EC has approved the proposed takeover of Orange’s Austrian subsidiary by 3 Austria. The acquisition will cost 3 a reported $1.84bn (€1.40bn), and will reduce the number of operators in the Austrian mobile market from four to just three. The merged entity will have a market share of nearly 28%, and will be a strong third firm in what will become an even more concentrated oligopoly. The acquisition of Orange is an attractive prospect given its large...

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There’s no harm in taking a slow road to VoLTE deployment

By Jeremy Green, Principal Analyst, Telco StrategyMobile operators preparing to roll out LTE don’t need to hurry to deploy voice over LTE (VoLTE). There are still service and supply issues to be worked out, and time (and the effort of others) will solve most of these. In the meantime, VoLTE won’t deliver any compelling services, revenue opportunities, or business opportunities. While VoLTE will enable network efficiency and cost savings in the long term,...

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T-Mobile rolling out HD voice (wideband) in US mobile network #CES

T mobileMarking a huge step toward moving beyond the limitations of the legacy phone networks, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas T-Mobile announced that HD Voice is now available nationwide on its US network. This will give people the richer, fuller voice experience similar to what many of us have gotten used to experiencing while making Skype calls.

There is, of course, the caveat that HD voice (also called "wideband audio") is only available using specific...

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How telecom infrastructure investment will drive growth

Across the globe, there is a delicate balance between sustained investment in essential infrastructure and a corresponding advance in socioeconomic progress. Telecommunications platforms have become the driver of growth in the twenty-first century. It's now the forward-thinking key performance indicator that all economists must monitor, in addition to the GDP. Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its latest market study, which analyzes global and regional market trends and conditions affecting telecom service providers, enterprises, subscribers, and the global networked economy. "As 2012 ended, Europe's crisis remains un-contained and is now spreading to Germany. The...

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Tipping point: Four indicators your ageing network needs a makeover

Ian Pepper is Ciena’s Senior Director for Regional Professionals Services, and leads Ciena’s Network Transformation Solutions efforts in EMEA.

Today’s service provider model is being squeezed from all sides. Providers are seeing rising costs in areas such as energy and rack space, customers are rapidly shifting to evermore bandwidth-hungry services, and the current unprecedented global economic...

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Social messaging is catching up with SMS

By Neha Dharia, Analyst, Consumer PracticeOvum’s Mobile Messaging Traffic and Revenue Forecast: 2012–17 estimates that mobile messaging traffic crossed the 7 trillion messages mark in 2012. The figure of 7 trillion messages translates to approximately 21 billion messages per day; in August 2012 the social messaging service provider WhatsApp announced that it was processing 10 billion messages a day (6 billion of which were outbound messages).

In 2012 WhatsApp recorded a 600% growth in traffic, and the numbers suggest that social...

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Huawei’s stock goes up and up as 2013 begins

End of year message from acting CEO reveals 2012 sales revenue in excess of $35bn (£21.8bn) and a net profit of approximately $2.4bn (£1.5bn)

It’s been an eventful 12 months for Chinese telecommunications vendor Huawei.

From becoming the largest worldwide vendor ahead of Ericsson in July, to being hauled in front of a US House Intelligence Committee for the potential use of spying codes in company equipment

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