425 million IP connected devices in U.S. homes

It's estimated that there are 425 million devices connected to the Internet in U.S. homes, according to the latest market study by The NPD Group. They found that while personal computers are still the primary connected device, numerous others are diminishing the PC’s relevance to the broadband content marketplace. This trend is being fueled by devices such as gaming consoles and blu-ray disc players adding to the number of Internet connected HDTVs -- and direct IP connectivity to a Smart TV set. Strong consumer retail sales in...

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T-Mobile rolling out HD voice (wideband) in US mobile network #CES

T mobileMarking a huge step toward moving beyond the limitations of the legacy phone networks, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas T-Mobile announced that HD Voice is now available nationwide on its US network. This will give people the richer, fuller voice experience similar to what many of us have gotten used to experiencing while making Skype calls.

There is, of course, the caveat that HD voice (also called "wideband audio") is only available using specific...

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NYC’s response to #Sandy shows IT's power to enable municipal resilience

By Nishant Shah, Analyst, Government Technology Ovum

As we have previously mentioned in our research, trust between the citizen and government is at a low. This dynamic hurts tax collection, law abidance, and voting numbers, and more generally degrades the public sector’s ability to provide services. However, a supportive, truly multi-channel, and continuous government presence during natural disasters visibly improves this dynamic, particularly at the city level.

New York City is an excellent example...

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Wireless services still source of consumer anger, says regulator

A worrying trend from Canada, where consumer complaints go up 35% year on year: should this make service providers rethink their strategy?

A report from the Canadian Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) has revealed that, in the North American country, consumer complaints went up 35% in 2012, with wireless services being the biggest bugbear for the fourth year in a row.

10,838 complaints were lodged by the regulator, with 10,678 concluded. 7,221 of the issues derived from...

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Smart TV shipments increasing by 15% but NA lags behind

“Moving from a novelty to mainstream”, according to research

A report from NPD DisplaySearch has revealed that even though smart TV shipments have gone up by 15% worldwide, there’s a definite lag from North America.

The primary reason for the lag is because North America has the highest consumption of Internet-based video streaming, according to DisplaySearch.

Just fewer than 9.5 million open internet access smart TVs were shipped globally in Q2 2012, with 43m expected to ship by the end of...

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West's perception of China to blame for Huawei & ZTE’s US troubles

TelecomsTech’s Beijing correspondent Dr Lin Sun says the latest move against Chinese telecoms manufacturers isn’t unexpected given the prevailing US mentality towards China and Chinese companies.

It is indeed bad news for Huawei and ZTE, he writes. It doesn't matter how accurate the allegations are. The conclusion will hurt the two companies in many aspects, and probably even in European markets. It raises more barriers to US entry, especially among the first tier operators that HW and ZTE badly...

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Do Huawei and ZTE pose a cyber-espionage risk?

Chinese network equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE pose a security threat to the US and should be barred from any mergers or acquisitions in the country, an influential congressional panel has advised.

The report, expected to be released by the US House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee later on Monday, said that the two firms had failed to demonstrate the absence of Chinese state or military influence in their operations. The firms failed to hand over documents relating to formal...

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What's the outlook for IP connected devices within the home?

Connected TV penetration in North America and Western Europe will surge from just over 10% in 2011 to over 50% by 2017, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. Blu-ray disc player penetration is expected to have a similar progression, increasing from about 25% in Western Europe and North America in 2011 to over 76% by 2017 (standalone and game consoles included). Meanwhile, game console penetration rates by 2017 are only expected to pass 61% in North America and 46% in Western Europe - with adoption rates significantly lower in other regions. There are four major connected...

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Infonetics: Mobile network services market will grow to $976bn

Infonetics Research has released its latest report on the mobile network service provider ecosystem, which tracks operator subscribers and revenue derived from pre-paid and post-paid mobile broadband data, voice, and messaging services. "The mobile world is undeniably shifting from voice to data, as mobile operators migrate as many subscribers as they can to data service plans and smartphones," says Stephane Teral, principal analyst for mobile infrastructure and carrier economics at Infonetics Research. Already in North America and...

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