Nokia hit by tough smartphone market: Shares nosedive

Shares in the Finnish mobile giant Nokia plunged by 14% after the firm admitted it was facing a tough battle for smartphone sales, “particularly in India, the Middle East, Africa and China”, and revised its Q1 predictions downwards.

The company has faced an uphill struggle since abandoning the ‘burning platform’ of Symbian and throwing its lot in with Microsoft’s WP7 platform. Sales of its new Lumina windows phones have been sluggish, though Nokia says it sold over 2m handsets...

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RIM launches MDM solution for Blackberry, iOS & Android

After a decidedly dodgy few days, RIM, under no illusions about the need to reclaim its place in the hearts of business users, has released the full version of its new mobile device management solution Blackberry Mobile Fusion.

It’s been a torrid week for the Canadian manufacturer; a week that included stock write-downs, executive ejections and some poor guy getting stabbed in the neck at a celebrity BBM party in London.

However, the release of RIM’s Mobile Fusion product, announced back in...

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Nano-sim decision argy-bargy delays crucial vote

The decision over the next standard for mobile sim cards has become bogged down in a spat over patents.

Nokia, Motorola and RIM are locked in a pitch battle with Apple over rival proposed formats for the new nano-sim standard.

Nokia, which is strongly pushing its own design, has threatened to withhold crucial patents relating to communication and processing in mobile devices if Apple’s proposed design is chosen.

Earlier this week, RIM accused Apple of attempting to influence the vote, claiming that...

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Mobile App Management Space Starting to Consolidate

The news that Symantec has acquired Mobile App Management (MAM) firm Nukona wasn’t surprising – not that Nukona was being acquired, but that it’s a matter of time the MAM space would start to consolidate.

Last year, we saw a significant uptick in mindshare when it came to MAM – internal enterprise app stores that provides an easy self-service app distribution and management model for the enterprise.

MAM has been growing in momentum with several vendors in the space. Some are recent startups like...

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Feathers fly over Ofcom's Everything Everywhere LTE deal

Feathers are flying again over the forthcoming divvy-up of UK LTE bandwidth, with Vodafone accusing the UK regulator Ofcom of “taking leave of its senses”, for allowing Everything Everywhere to use existing spectrum to run 4G services.

Everything Everywhere is a joint venture involving T-Mobile and Orange. Last week Ofcom announced that it would allow the companies to operate LTE services over the 1,800MHz band previously used by 2G mobile...

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How mobility is challenging IT departments

As mobile devices and applications extend the boundaries of the workplace, IT departments must create new policies and procedures to keep the mobile enterprise accessible, available and secure, according to new research from CompTIA. 

While PCs continue to be a major part of the corporate IT landscape, CompTIA’s new study, “Trends in Enterprise Mobility,” reveals that laptops, ultrabooks, smartphones and tablets increasingly are essential to day-to-day business.

The CompTIA study...

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Are wireless networks evolving too slowly?

Wireless and WiFi network capacity is evolving too slowly to accommodate the surge in enterprise mobility, leading to declining user satisfaction levels, according to a new report.

Mobility services specialist iPass examined the effect of what it calls ‘Mobile Darwinism’, as technology and data consumption evolve faster than business infrastructure and mobile networks can handle.

The report found a 25% decline on 2011 levels of mobile network satisfaction to 63%. Only half of those surveyed were...

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