Internet of Things leads Cisco’s 2014 forecast

San-Francisco based networking giant, Cisco, have offered their predictions for 2014. As journalists, we have hundreds of these come in and out of our inboxes; but you have little choice but to pay attention when it comes to a company with such scale and experience.

We have also wrote, and you readers have read, about the trend we call the “Internet of Things” almost every day – each time without clear direction in the industry – throughout 2013.

Now we...

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‘AllSeen Alliance’ gives IoT its direction

If you take a look at Gartner’s emerging technology ‘Hype Cycle’ for 2013, you’ll see the “Internet of Things” riding high at the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’. This means, defined by Gartner, publicity produces a number of success stories—often accompanied by scores of failures.

Speaking to both players and analysts, they’ll tell you the IoT is very disjointed –...

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Prepare the rifles, Amazon to deliver packages via drones!

The Smart City revolution may be coming in the next couple of years; but that doesn’t stop Amazon showing their hand in the next-generation of package deliveries (hint, it involves drones.)

Although not due to launch until 2015; the world’s largest online retailer’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, showed off the “Amazon Prime Air” on a 60 Minutes segment. Appearing like something found in a Terminator movie; Amazon’s latest innovation has...

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Paul Davison from MLL Telecoms on Smart City technology #TTW

Many of us have dreamed of the types of autonomous “Smart Cities” we see in futuristic movies, the type where the city is living and breathing (ok, well at least functioning) by itself.

As we move towards an era where all devices are connected and speaking to each other; it’s becoming a reality.

MLL Telecom is helping to pave the way into this new frontier.

Paul Davison (PD), Systems Architect, gave TelecomsTech (TT) a demonstration earlier this week which shows...

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Swisscom discuss bringing Smart Living to the masses #TTW

Marianna Tamborini, Head of Smart Living Marketing for Swisscom, guided the audience in a session at Telecoms Tech World through the challenges of offering smart living solutions to the mass market and how to overcome them.

She explains whilst solutions are becoming more commonplace in the United States; mainly due to automated home security systems – in Europe the field is still very much in its infancy.

These security and safety-related solutions are part of the...

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How connected healthcare is gaining industry acceptance #TTW

Telecoms Tech sat in on an interesting discussion from Bob Gann, head of international business development at NHS England, on steps the NHS is taking in cutting its costs and becoming more connected

M2M and IoT has traditionally been examined from a vertical perspective, with healthcare at the forefront. But even though some in the industry have forecast horizontal plays gaining prominence, it's always refreshing to see where healthcare M2M, always a strong vertical, is going.

Bob Gann, head of international...

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Will Google Glass be the 'killer app' for M2M? #TTW

TelecomsTech caught up with Pat Nash, managing director at InVMA, a partner of M2M and IoT solutions provider ThingWorx to discuss standardisation, Google Glass and how startups can get by in an increasingly competitive market

There are a few burning issues with machine to machine (M2M) communications before the mainstream boom hits; namely standardisation and partnerships.

Yet Pat Nash, managing director at InVMA, sees things differently.

"I don't think standardisation will necessarily help the industry, but...

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How Bosbec sees the future of messaging and M2M #TTW

For mobile comms and messaging platforms, the ecosystem is somewhat fractured. With industry leader WhatsApp announcing the integration of voice services back in August, it could be seen as a sign that companies with pure mobile messaging plays might be on the way out.

Bosbec, based in Sweden, is different. The company incorporates a business messaging solution, yet has a play in the Internet of Things (IoT).

And according to technical chief Jakob...

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James Monighan: How current M2M reportage is missing the point #TTW

Ahead of Telecoms Tech World next week James Monighan, who is chairing the M2M track at the event, discusses the current state of the M2M market, how important the customer experience is, and how the coverage doesn’t quite tell the full story

It’s becoming clear that the machine to machine (M2M) ecosystem is going to revolutionise everyday lives, especially as it morphs into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Yet the majority of reports on the topic focus on big numbers. A Strategy Analytics research report released

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