Building automation market will reach $43 billion

After years of steady but low growth, the commercial building automation systems (BAS) market is experiencing a rapid period of change and investment. Traditionally, growth and adoption has been closely tied to new building completion but new entrants and new connectivity are driving greater investment. According to the latest market study by ABI Research, over the next five years the building automation services market will grow to $43 billion -- that's up from $35 billion this year. Two key factors...

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London City Airport gets smart and shows channel development flightpath

Joe Dignan, Chief Analyst, Public Sector TechnologyCity CIOs need to understand how technology can be used to make their arena more economically competitive. There is a school of thought that says that the main competitive edge for a city is not location but accessibility – and on a global stage that means the airports. Indeed, many cities are becoming transport hubs where the city supports the airport rather than the other way around.

London City Airport is about to develop its offering for the...

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Exploring automotive telematics and in-vehicle infotainment

The two main silos in the telematics industry -- consumer automotive and commercial telematics -- remain the most active areas within the broader M2M (machine to machine) mobile communications industry. Advancements in entertainment head-units and higher smartphone penetration will result in software App capability reaching a fifth of all consumer vehicles in the developed markets of North America and Western Europe by 2017. According to the findings from the latest market study by Juniper Research, the success of new standards -- such as MirrorLink -- will be instrumental in creating the foundations for the connected car ecosystem to flourish. ...

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Smart grid investment to reach $80 billion+ in 2018

The various utility applications for communications networks and associated investment in infrastructure will grow rapidly in 2013, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. Moreover, spending by utilities transitioning their networks to Smart Grid capabilities reached $23.68 billion in 2012. Highlighting the growing momentum behind the spending, the 2012 total alone represents 48 percent of Smart Grid spending to date. During the...

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Is China going to become the number one M2M power?

A new report from Pyramid Research has detailed how China is set to overtake the United States as the world’s largest cellular machine to machine (M2M) market in the coming years.

The report, entitled “Cellular M2M Connections: An Analysis of Growth Drivers, Market Segments and Operator Approaches”, revealed that China’s overall M2M device volumes stand at 45m for 2013, rising to 138m total subscriptions by 2017 – 8.5% of all cellular...

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Ericsson furthers M2M and video commitment

Ericsson added to its flurry of recent announcements at this morning’s press conference at MWC 2013. Today’s announcements follow similar themes to the others (M2M and video) and fit neatly with Ericsson’s vision for the “networked society”. However, they are more than just theory or a new product, with Ericsson revealing that operators are already using the services. In the case of M2M, we question whether there could be greater opportunities...

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Are service providers becoming irrelevant?

I see quite a few articles (especially by Gary Kim) about service providers (SPs) becoming irrelevant. In this article, he quotes Matthew Key, CEO of Telefónica’s digital division, arguing "that mobile operators must invest in innovation, because they are becoming “commoditised” and their relevance to customers is 'decreasing.'" If this were in fact true, Sprint or Tracfone would be...

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Smart thinking required around M2M

By Rob Bamforth, principle analyst, Quocirca

Despite having almost ten years of marketing hype, almost a decade of being the next big revolution, M2M still doesn’t seem to be living up to its full potential, but why?

Some of the forecasts around potential growth and market opportunities are truly huge, but there’s confusion about what exactly we’re measuring here? Some predictions plug the expected number of devices in the billions, while...

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How can outsourced integrated business support systems help MVNOs?

It's fair to say that, since their deployment in the early 1990s, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have proven to be a real revenue-generating asset in the communications marketplace.

Overall interest in the MVNO business model has fluctuated in recent years, and quite recently we've seen a vast upsurge in interest. This interest has extended across a wide range of services; the rise of data MVNOs for services such as machine-to-machine (M2M), as...

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The emerging M2M ecosystem will reach $35bn by 2016

Mobile Network operators, including Vodafone, O2, Telefonica, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, are putting significant resources into developing Machine to Machine (M2M) related business units. There is an increasing sophistication in how the market is viewed by all stakeholders, with after-market installation being replaced by embedded mobile strategies and SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) systems. Juniper Research forecasts that M2M will support total industry revenues of over $35 billion in 2016. They also predict that revenues from products and services...

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