Virgin Media provides backhaul for Three’s 4G – Where could it leave Fibre Broadband?

This makes the third article in a week that TelecomsTech has published about UK network Three, and their rapid-push to hopefully rise from the UK’s smallest mobile operator title.

But our coverage is due; on Tuesday we wrote about a new partnership with the UK’s largest network, EE, resulting in the sharing of infrastructure and £1 billion ($1.63 billion) joint investment into the future.

On Wednesday, we wrote about the company’s surprising

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Three and EE join forces to boost UK 4G

The 4G rollout in the UK has been a slow process filled with controversy around spectrum availability and related exclusivity periods – of which EE gained a significant head start. Since the period has finished; every major network in the UK has launched 4G.

Three was the last to offer their 4G service, and is still only available in limited areas whilst being subject to an ongoing, slow rollout.

Today, Three and EE have revealed a partnership and investment strategy to share their networks and boost...

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SK Telecom and LG U+ to bring 300Mbps LTE speeds to market

Through utilising 3 distinct bands, combining two 10 MHz bands and one 20 MHz band, SK Telecom and LG U+ will be supporting 300Mbps speeds using LTE-Advanced technology.

To demonstrate capabilities above this incredible feat, the South Korean telecoms company will be taking to MWC in Barcelona to show off speeds of 450Mbps. According to the Korea Herald, LG U+, the nation's third most popular carrier, will also deploy 300Mbps speeds in 2014.

These blistering speeds are over 4x faster than the highest speeds...

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Ramping up 4G globally

Deloitte predicts that global revenues from 4G are likely to reach £60 billion by 2014, with more than 200 operators running networks in 75 countries. In the UK, O2 is to launch its 4G offering, finally bringing competition to EE. And, China Mobile is planning to spend $30.1 billion on its network this year with about a quarter of that amount earmarked for TD-LTE technology.

Deloitte predicts that 4G subscriber numbers will triple as compared to 2012, reaching around 200 million globally, as customers...

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How to solve the second wave of mobile infrastructure

By Rajeev Tankha, Sr. Director Solutions Marketing at Oracle Communications

The fast pace of growth in the mobile devices market has seen consumers get closer than ever to their smartphones and tablets. A recent Gartner study suggested that tablet sales will increase by 70 per cent in the next year, and that over 2 billion smartphones will be in use globally by 2017.

These trends have placed more pressure than ever on Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to adopt full data networks to ensure the...

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Three UK changes the game (again) with free US roaming

UK MNO, Three, has been on a string of well-praised announcements this year; the first being to offer a free upgrade to 4G for all 3G customers (including unlimited data packages.)

This was followed by the ability to make use of this allowance in their “Feel at Home” initiative which initially spanned the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and...

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How Bosbec sees the future of messaging and M2M #TTW

For mobile comms and messaging platforms, the ecosystem is somewhat fractured. With industry leader WhatsApp announcing the integration of voice services back in August, it could be seen as a sign that companies with pure mobile messaging plays might be on the way out.

Bosbec, based in Sweden, is different. The company incorporates a business messaging solution, yet has a play in the Internet of Things (IoT).

And according to technical chief Jakob...

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Vodafone Carrier Services to play LTE roaming trump card for IPX

Catherine Haslam, Senior Analyst, Telecoms Wholesale

Ever since Vodafone acquired Cable & Wireless Worldwide in July 2012, the carrier market has been waiting with some level of trepidation to see just what impact the newly minted wholesaler Vodafone Carrier Services (VCS) would have on the existing structure and market share. The waiting is over as VCS begins to leverage every advantage possible from Vodafone’s 28 operating companies to improve market share and margin.

VCS has begun by...

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Huawei’s looking forward in $600m 5G investment

Whilst many of us stare at our signal bars, waiting for the 3G to switch to 4G, China-based Huawei is instead looking to the next big thing – with a hefty $600m investment into 5G research. Don’t get too excited though, the rollout of functioning technology isn’t expected until 2020.

This is part of a continued investment which began back in 2009. At the home of mobile, MWC in Barcelona, Huawei has demonstrated 5G base stations capable of 50Gbps.

One of the most promising innovations is an...

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