SOPA under fire from all sides

Wikipedia, the world’s fifth most visited website, has today replaced its English language pages with a holding page in protest against controversial anti piracy legislation currently making its way through the US Congress.

For 24 hours, Wickipedia’s global English-language pages have been replaced by a landing page explaining the issues surrounding the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). If passed, the legislation could “fatally damage the free...

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Risk and Reward: Operators Need Flexible Investment Funds

Readers from outside the UK may have been amused by the protracted process that has led to the announcement of a new high-speed railway that will be built here. Our friends around the world must be wondering why it's taken so long to embrace something that, in many countries, has been around for several decades.

Well, better late than never – at least there's no competition for such projects, so there's no risk that someone else will get there first. But it does make us think about the decision making...

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Huawei grabs 2012 by the horns

In the latest effort to spur growth in the sluggish equipment market, Huawei has unveiled what it claims is the slimmest smartphone at CES 2012 this week. Ascend P1 S features 6.68mm in depth and 4.3-in capacitive screen.

The smartphone runs 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and new Android 4.0. Huawei plans to sell Ascend in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific in April at an estimated retail price of $400 (possibly lower for operator subsidies or service plans). The company hopes the new lineup will amp up smartphone...

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The Real Trend at CES - No Connectivity

I have been in about 30 product briefings so far at CES so far and the trend is the same. No mater where I go exhibitors and sponsors tell me the connectivity is not good in this room or in this booth or in this part of the hotel or this part of the convention center. Yesterday I was at the Las Vegas Convention Center and today in the Venetian and Palazzo hotels and the connectivity in all locations was terrible.

That leaves the wireless carriers...

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Mobile app development services worth $20.5bn in 2011

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The development service market today is almost 3 times of the size of the application download market.

The market for mobile application development services, including application creation, management, distribution and extension services, has reached $US 20.5 billion in 2011. App development services became a mass market that has surpassed the...

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Why email could live forever

I have long thought that email was badly implemented in businesses, mostly because users were not guided into how it should be used optimally. The consequence is email glut, which leads to information noise and, ultimately, miscommunication. There are other email related issues in organisations, but that one is most likely the biggest. 

I was reminded of this today by a short post on Gareth Spence's Online Scribbles and - just a few minutes later - by a retweet of an article written in August by Techcrunch's MC Siegler entitled Inbox 10000: Some thoughts after a month away from email. Over lunch my mind...

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What is China’s outlook for an LTE 2012?

By Beijing correspondent Dr. Lin Sun

In a recent interview, Yang Hua, Secretary General of TD-SCDMA Alliance, called for a “pre-commercial” LTE service in 2012, right after second phase testing, referring to the term used in China for service to a small number of customers before it opens to the public.

Unfortunately, it appears his wishes, along with the members of the group that...

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British Telecom files patent lawsuit against Google services and Android

Google is facing a lawsuit against British Telecom for infringing 6 US patents that are worth billions of dollars in total.

Google Maps, Google Search, Google Music and the Android operating system are among the services that have been accused of infringing BT's patents and face being sued by the telecoms giant.

This may result in the search company having to pay royalties to BT from each handset sold and products used.

According to FOSS Patents, the lawsuit was filed on Thursday with a US District Court in Delaware, seeking damages...

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