Moving from DNOs to 'distribution system operators': How telcos are vital in this transformation

Global demand for energy is never going to diminish. However, it is set to change significantly over the next century, as governments pursue cleaner energy policies and consumers rethink how they use, and even generate, power. To support this change, a countrywide rethink of the networks that manage the flow of electricity is required....

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The future of energy efficient telecom technology is here

Sometimes the future arrives sooner rather than later. Take energy-efficient access technology, for instance. Its future actually arrived a few years ago, in the form of the Tellabs Optical LAN

Back in 2008, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) brought together more than 60 experts from the energy, telecommunications and IT industries. DOE wanted them to brainstorm ways to boost the energy efficiency of, among other things, data centers and telecommunications...

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