TalkTalk and Tiscali slapped with fines for billing errors

TalkTalk and Tiscali have been ordered by OfCom to pay a £3 million fine after they were found to have been wrongly billing customers for services they never received.The two telcos failed to clean up their billing systems despite being warned by OfCom in November 2010 and given until 2 December to sort them out.The communications watchdog said this morning that they now have 30 days to pay up. In addition, TalkTalk and Tiscali UK have received a lower penalty than they might otherwise have been given, had they not taken...

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Location Analytics Market Forecast to Reach $9Bn in 2016

LONDON – As a result of the recent “locationgate” controversy (centering on Apple’s and others’ logging of the location of mobile devices as they are used by consumers) the location-based services (LBS) and advertising (LBA) markets have come under intense scrutiny, with privacy legislation a major focus.  

But according to ABI Research senior analyst Patrick Connolly, “ABI Research believes...

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All .com and .net domain sites under US jurisdiction

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, (ICE) has said that any website with a .com and .net domain fall within its jurisdiction, regardless of where their servers are based in the world.

Erik Barnett, assistant deputy director of ICE, said that all such sites would be fair game if suspected in involvement of spreading US films, music and other media covered by intellectual property rules; and even sites liking to them.

He said that the agency would actively target sites deemed to be in breach of...

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