Kroes wins – Roaming charges for EU citizens to be scrapped by December 2015

Citizens across the EU have rallied behind the idea of scrapping roaming charges across the continent. Most of us have learnt our lesson the hard way and returned from a vacation or business trip with what seemed like moderate usage to a bill hard to comprehend.

Thanks to the work of Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the EU commission, the mobile networks’ abuse of our wallets is to end by December 2015.

The idea of a single telecoms market is one Kroes has fought for passionately – it would break...

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Should Canada's government revert to SMRA for its 2500MHz spectrum auction?

The Canadian government completed its auction of the 700MHz spectrum last month. The auction was declared a success with more than $5.27 billion being generated through the auction of spectrum licenses to the country’s telecom carriers. In terms of revenue generated, this is indeed a success - the previous highest amount generated was in the auctioning of the AWS spectrum back in 2008 that added close to $4.3 billion to the...

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Broadband speeds need further regulation, says Which?

We’ve all experienced less-than-desirable broadband speeds at some point – but what of those of us who are permanently stuck with our Mbps trickling along well-below the advertised rate? Long-standing consumer magazine, Which?, is calling for speeds to be guaranteed.

In fact based on a survey carried out on its behalf; 45% of customers suffer slow download speeds with over half of those experiencing slow speeds frequently or all of the time.

For an age somewhat reliant on constant...

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“Reform is long overdue” says Three, TalkTalk, Consumer Futures, and Which?

Whilst the European Commission pushes for a single telecoms regulator; the UK’s, Ofcom, battles against a bureaucratic-like system where its important decisions are caught in a constant fight around big companies’ lawyers (and ultimately ends up falling flat on its face.)

This harms the entire industry as mobile operators essentially remain unregulated and free to take advantage - or not meet the certain standards / targets expected by...

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CTIA finds volunteers for TV spectrum sharing

Back in April 2012, the FCC announced that it will be allowing two or more TV stations to share the same band of spectrum; spawning an ambitious new trial by industry-body CTIA. The test will take place in Los Angeles, California and will find out if it is indeed a viable solution for broadcasters to not use the full six megahertz.

For a trial, it’s rather essential you have a couple of willing participants. Luckily, Los Angeles TV stations KCLS and KJLA have volunteered…

The stations will be broadcasting...

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Strand Consult: 2014 annus horribilis for telecom regulation

Amid the talk of IT growth in 2014, here’s a grim prediction for the coming year: Strand Consult predicts this year to be an “annus horribilis” for the telecom regulation industry.

In its yearly mobile telecom roundup note, the analyst firm has called out Europe as the problem area compared to the “strong leadership” of the US, adding that privacy, data protection and net neutrality...

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Ofcom’s Justin Moore discusses effective spectrum management #TTW

As the UK’s telecommunications regulator; Ofcom has the important task of ensuring fairness, equality, and all-round efficient management when handling spectrum. The market is as hungry as ever for more data-consumption; therefore capacity is one of the main talking points.

Speaking at Telecoms Tech World in London; Justin Moore, Principal Policy Advisor at Ofcom, enlightens us to the stats which point at a 10 petabyte increase in daily usage.

According to research by Cisco; we can expect a 9x increase...

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Coin – the latest startup aiming to make the credit card history

Meet San Francisco-based digital startup Coin. The company’s ethos is to build products which “simplify, improve and fit seamlessly into your life” – and a new product released today aims to do precisely that.

Coin’s solution is to have one card to rule them all – a connected device which holds the information of all your other cards and accounts, with users able to chop and change with a circular button on the front of the display.

Alongside the Coin app,...

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Angry Birds on a plane!

Many of us are irrationally afraid of flying (over the fifteen years between 1975 and 1994, the death risk per flight was one in seven million) yet we just can’t help it – especially during takeoff and landing.

Unfortunately, these are the two times where electronic devices are banned in the US since 1998; where a near-crash of a Qantas jumbo jet Heathrow airport was said to have been caused by someone on the plane using a mobile phone.

Due to this, we can’t distract ourselves with a game of...

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