EU Commission approves €3 billion plan to expand Germany's broadband infrastructure

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Germany is planning a €3 billion national scheme to support the roll-out of next-generation access (NGA) broadband networks; a plan which has now been approved by the European Commission after being found to comply with EU state aid rules. 

Due to the 2013 Broadband State Aid Guidelines, public funding into networks must be available to all competitors...

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Authorities think Skype should be classified as a telecoms operator

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OTT services are often discussed in the context of whether they represent a threat to telecom operators, but the authorities believe services which offer voice call functionality - such as Skype - should be treated as telcos themselves and are therefore subject to the same laws. 

Skype came under fire in France last year for refusing to hand over call record with authorities, and has now run into the same issue in Belgium for declining to open up its data system...

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FCC raises the curtain on the Citizens Broadband Radio Service

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In a move described by FCC commissioners as a “significant step forward” (Chairman Wheeler), history-making (Commissioner Rosenworcel), and “exciting” (Commissioner O’Rielly), the FCC has opened up the 3.5 GHz (3550-3700 MHz) band for a wide variety of new uses.

The band will now be home to the new Citizens...

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US Navy prepares for cyber warfare offensive

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Individuals behind their computers might sound less-frightening than the nuclear weapons of past, but as we've seen depicted in fictional-but-realistic video games such as Call of Duty, compromising the right systems can have devastating consequences.

Most governments have been setting-up dedicated teams to help defend against such modern attacks, including the UK who set-up...

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Editorial: Building an open, programmable city

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Bristol, a city in the South West of England, has gained international exposure in recent months thanks to becoming the European Green Capital. During yesterday's 'Bristol is Open' launch, we got to see how the city is prepared to lead the way for connected cities thanks to a range of partnerships and a world-leading infrastructure...

To understand how the city is positioned to lead the way on...

NSA and GCHQ have access to your phone, and are making it legal

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Personnel from the US and UK spy agencies, NSA and GCHQ, are able to access devices around the globe after hacking into the benificial internal computer network of the world's largest manufacturer of SIM cards.

In documents released by Edward Snowden, the controversial whistleblower details a hack perpetrated by a joint unit of operatives from both agencies into Gemalto. The firm, based in the Netherlands,...

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Court rules GCHQ's surveillance breached human rights

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The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled on Friday that GCHQ's use of mass surveillance data intercepted by the National Security Agency in the US breached human rights. Groups who advocate human rights believe that the intelligence-sharing between the two controversial government bodies was illegal for at least seven years.

PRISM, the primary interception program used by the NSA, was...

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"Robbing Peter to pay Paul" isn't the answer to rural broadband, says Virgin Media Business

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The head of the Commons' Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committee has suggested that investment in broadband should be diverted from cities where superfast access is available, and instead used to extend reach to those suffering with slow access in rural areas.

This sentiment was contested by Virgin Media Business' head, Peter Kelly, who disagreed with the idea and said: "You...

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Ofcom announces strategy to promote IoT

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The UK's telecommunications regulator, Ofcom, has announced its plans for ensuring the country is leading the way for the Internet of Things. It aims to achieve this by working with the industry and government to create a true regulatory environment which promotes investment and innovation to push the use of connected devices forward.

Steve Unger,...

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