Further thoughts on the Google Voice / Google+ Hangouts integration

Google hangoutsMy post this week about Google Voice ringing into Google+ Hangouts generated a good bit of commentary, not only on the original post but also out on Hacker News, Reddit, Google+and other areas. Given the range of responses, I thought I'd reply to a couple of points and expand on some further related topics. So here goes...

"DUH! This is nothing new/disruptive. You could do it forever with GTalk/Gmail!"

A common response was to point out to me...

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Could Google be moving away from ‘Nexus’ line?

I find it interesting at Google’s annual I/O developer conference, the Mountain View-based company chose to showcase Samsung’s Galaxy S4 running the untouched, stock Android experience.

But it begs the question – could Google be moving away from the Nexus line?


This is completely theoretical, with the upcoming release of devices such as ‘Glass’, perhaps Google actually be making more of a play into the hardware market?

Google's acquisition of Motorola may also lend evidence to...

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Chinese hackers breach Google to reveal US spy data

Chinese hackers gained access to “years worth of US law enforcement and spy data” in a breach of Google’s servers back in 2010, according to a report.

Official response from Google at the time said the hackers were after “human rights activist information”, where in fact US officials actually say they were after a sensitive database.

At the time a dispute was raised between Google and the FBI stemming from distrust for making no reference to the possible hacked database.

It now...

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Competition for Apple and Google mobile ecosystems

At Mobile World Congress this week, new attempts to create competing mobile device software ecosystems were announced. What are they up against? Google Android and Apple iOS, the number one and number two ranked smartphone operating systems (OS) worldwide, combined account for 91.1 percent of all smartphone shipments during the fourth quarter of 2012 (4Q12). According to the latest market study by International Data Corporation (IDC), Android smartphone vendors and Apple shipped a total of 207.6 million units worldwide during 4Q12 - that's up by...

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Google Fiber is finally here, but will it be a success?

Google has started to install its Fiber TV and broadband service in Hanover Heights, Kansas City, KS, giving residents in the US state internet of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

The search giant has expressed its desire to be part of the internet service provider (ISP) business since 2010, and more than 1100 cities had wanted to be part of the new Fiber service. Eventually however, Google chose Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, to test-drive the system.

The service offers a variety of...

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Google’s Android strategy has come undone in China

By Shiv Putcha, Principal Analyst, Emerging Markets

Besides Facebook, Google is the best example of a global Internet powerhouse that has essentially been blocked from entering the Chinese market in a fair and meaningful way. This dissonant trend is particularly noticeable in the case of Google due to the enormous success of its Android operating system in China.

With Google unable to drive the adoption of its popular services in China, Chinese Internet and over-the-top players have gained considerably at its...

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Verizon given $1.25m fine for allegedly blocking tethering apps

Verizon Wireless, one of the biggest carriers in America, has agreed to stop blocking its Android subscribers from using third party tethering apps.

The ruling from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also left Verizon out of pocket - $1.25 million (£805k) out of pocket to be precise.

Teetering on the tethering tightrope

Tethering, or the act of using one’s phone as a wireless hotspot for tablets and laptops, was originally acceptable with Verizon so long as users pay $20 per month in...

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Google Fiber: not as revolutionary as we thought?

 Yesterday was the big day that Google announced its Kansas City Google Fiber launch. I wasn’t available for the live broadcast, but from what I’ve had the time to read the announcement is rather underwhelming. I will however reserve full judgment until I’ve had time to look into it more thoroughly.

There are three aspects where Google was expected to strongly disrupt things: services, costs and...

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Is Google Glass the prototype killer app for Fiber?

The one thing I probably get asked the most about the Fiber Revolution is “what is the killer app for Fiber?

I dislike the question: I think the frame of mind that leads one to asking the question is potentially dangerous.

If Edison had asked himself what the killer app was for electricity, the obvious answer would have been light. I could have led him to...

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Deutsche Telekom's Google talks give rise to NFC payment apps

Deutsche Telekom AG has been in apparent discussion with Google over the possibility of expanding its mobile payments service overseas and collaborating with Google Wallet.

This is all according to the German mobile giant’s head of innovation Thomas Kiessling, who said in an interview that Deutsche Telekom was targeting a series of credit card companies and banks alongside Google.

“We’re talking to other players in the market, and even a co-operation...

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