FTTH network sharing goes mainstream in Spain

Emeka Obiodu, Principal Analyst, Industry, Communications, and BroadbandVodafone and Orange have announced plans to jointly build a nationwide FTTH network in Spain in an effort to strengthen their positions in the converged services space and compete with Telefonica in the Spanish FTTH market. The plan involves the two partners using the same technical specifications to independently deploy street-level fiber in complementary areas. These complementary networks will then be combined to create a single network, with each...

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Searching for pockets of growth, but telecom IT convergence is the mega-trend

With carrier capex under pressure, what pockets of growth exist in the optical industry? What type of vendor can best go after these opportunities? Speakers at OFC/NFOEC’s State of the Industry panel disagreed on the answers, but all seemed to accept that these were the right questions to ask.

Ovum’s own Dana Cooperson kicked things off by reminding attendees that, in an industry as huge as telecom (with 2012 service revenues of nearly $2 trillion and capex around $325bn), slow growth comes with the territory. The...

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More bandwidth sounds better, but keep the debate grounded in reality

Julie Kunstler, Principal Analyst, ComponentsOver the past several weeks, I have been analyzing future bandwidth needs for residential subscribers, and my conclusions are fuzzy at best. I was hoping for clarity from OSA’s Executive Forum panel, The Future of Broadband Access Networks: Towards 1Gbps and Beyond, which took place on Monday March 18 in parallel with OFC/NFOEC. Panelists included Milo Medin, VP of Google Access Services; Ed Harstead, Leader at the Technology Excellence Center and CTO of Alcatel-Lucent’s Fixed Networks...

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Upside for the wearable computing device market

Demand for wearable computing devices are forecast to grow rapidly over the next year. With a wave of new gadgets set to reach the consumer electronics market, it's very possible that this technology could become commonplace within five years. According to the latest market study by ABI Research, they now forecast that the wearable computing device market will grow to 485 million annual device shipments by 2018. Currently, sports and activity trackers account for the vast majority of wearable technologies...

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Why FTTH is about advancing economic development

The global wired broadband market -- including DSL, cable, and fiber-optic services -- generated $188 billion service revenue in 2012, that's a 7 percent increase from 2011. According to the latest market study by ABI Research, fixed broadband service revenue will grow to $251 billion by 2018. Across the globe in 2012, fiber-optic broadband service revenue had its strongest year-over-year growth of 24 percent, while DSL and cable broadband grew 2 percent and 6 percent respectively. Fiber to the home (FTTH) is...

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Don't worry - there are plenty of ways to grow optical capacity

Ron Kline, Principal Analyst, Network Infrastructure, Ovum

Scientists at advanced optical research organizations are racing to improve WDM transmission capacity far beyond the capabilities of today’s systems. Increasing capacity can be achieved by manipulating technology in three separate domains: rate, frequency, and space. In preparation for March’s OSA OFC/NFOEC conference, Alcatel-Lucent’s New Jersey–based Bell Labs announced several successful lab experiments to increase wavelength capacity...

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The net neutrality debate à la Française

Over the Seine

Since the recent (and thankfully short lived) decision by Free to block Google’s advertising content for users of their set-top box, the French net (from government to activists) has been abuzz. Even the international tech press has commented on what looks from the outside...

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