What it takes to compete with Over-The-Top television

For the last few weeks, I have been busy working on a big in-depth report on NGA services. Although its importance can sometimes be exaggerated, TV content is of course at the heart of NGA portfolio considerations, and I wanted to delve a little bit here into how I have examined that issue.

The notion that broadband providers are scared of on-demand TV is not new, and it’s an understatement. All of the...

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Neelie Kroes repeats her call for a single market for telecoms in Europe

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, has used her keynote speech at MWC 2013 to reiterate her vision of a single market for telecoms in Europe. Kroes believes that a fragmented regulatory environment and inconsistent application of the rules is hampering investment and innovation, and that increased harmonisation is the only answer.

While a more thorough implementation of the existing framework is certainly desirable, Ovum questions just how much operators are...

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EU broadband budget slashed by 90 percent, plans in tatters

A budget reshuffle from the European Union has culminated in the European broadband budget being cut by 90%, from €9.2 billion (£7bn) to €1 billion (£859m) and leaving original broadband rollout plans in tatters.

The original plans were for every building in Europe to have access to a 30Mbps or faster connection by 2020, but they seem to have been kyboshed by this latest cut. The overall EU infrastructure investment budget has been slashed from €50bn to €24bn.

Neelie Kroes, digital agenda VP...

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Exploring growth for mobile wholesale in Europe

Revenues for the European wholesale telecommunications market remained steady between 2010 and 2011, despite the economic downturn, intense competition, and regulatory actions. According to the latest market study by Ovum, the European wholesale market was worth $48.4 billion in 2011, that's only 0.5 percent less than in 2010, representing 11 percent of the leading wholesalers' total European revenues. Ovum's analysis of the size of the European wholesale telecoms market, based on the reported results of the...

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Can there be a pan-European telecoms market?

The European Union appears to be looking at with measures designed to promote a pan-European telecoms market, according to reports from the Financial Times.

This would be a huge step in terms of European telecoms infrastructure, in an attempt to remedy the currently fragmented market.

Neelie Kroes, vice president of the European commission, told the Financial Times that while further collaboration in the marketplace was crucial, plans for a single telecoms regulator were not in the pipeline at this...

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Merger reduces number of mobile operators in Austria from four to three

By James Robinson, Associate Analyst, Regulation and PolicyThe EC has approved the proposed takeover of Orange’s Austrian subsidiary by 3 Austria. The acquisition will cost 3 a reported $1.84bn (€1.40bn), and will reduce the number of operators in the Austrian mobile market from four to just three. The merged entity will have a market share of nearly 28%, and will be a strong third firm in what will become an even more concentrated oligopoly. The acquisition of Orange is an attractive prospect given its large...

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Is Eric Schmidt, the new escapist?

Someone hinted at me recently that one of the reasons Google didn’t want to invest in peering / transit in France – leading to some of the disagreements on who should bare the cost of it as currently investigated by French regulator ARCEP – was that establishing more technical presence in a market would force them to shift the status of their...

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Apple runs foul of UK courts, prepares to backtrack

The UK Court of Appeal has reprimanded Apple over the half hearted and sniping nature of a statement it was forced to publish, acknowledging that Samsung did not infringe on the registered design of the iPad in the UK.

In the latest development in what is now the longest running legal spat between the two tech rivals, judges ruled that the ‘corrective statement’, published last week on Apple’s UK website, was ‘non-compliant’ with the Court's order, made earlier in October.

The company was also...

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EE launches first UK 4G LTE network, defends pricing

It's been exciting times for the UK this week as its first commercially available superfast 4G LTE service launched across 11 major cities.

EE, a joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile UK received the go-ahead to launch the service ahead of rivals Vodafone, O2 and Three, following months of legal wrangling over promised spectrum auctions.

“Today is a landmark day for our...

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