Telefónica pulls out of China Unicom to ease financial worries

Telefónica SA has sold a 4.56% stake in China Unicom to its parent group, China United Network, as the telecoms giant attempts to back out of its financial difficulties.

The stake will give Telefónica a HK $11bn ($1.4bn) cash injection once the transaction is completed. Telefónica will still remain a major player in China Unicom, however, with a 5.01% stake in the company.

In a statement Telefónica said the decision was made to “proactively manage its asset portfolio”...

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European Commission vs. China: "unlikely to turn to real havoc"

Following on from TelecomsTech's report on the EU anti-dumping investigation and alleging Chinese mobile manufacturers Huawei and ZTE benefit from illegal subsidies, here's our Beijing Correspondent, Dr. Lin Sun, with his take on the imbroglio.



It will be interesting to see how the Chinese government reacts to the EU's charges which I believe will...

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Are EU privacy rules to blame for European cloud struggle?

The EU’s regulation on privacy is one of the reasons why European cloud adoption is “at least two years” behind the US, according to analsyts Gartner.

Analysts Gartner, who specialise in cloud computing research, stated in their report that, whilst interest in cloud was very high, the diversity of the European states would be the key factor in “slow” cloud adoption.

Gartner sounded out four “inhibitors” for cloud growth...

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EU anti-dumping investigation provokes China retaliation fears

News that the EU is planning to launch a huge 'anti-dumping' trade case against China, alleging that Chinese mobile manufacturers benefit from illegal government subsidies, has provoked only anxious reticence and stony silence among European tech leaders.

On Friday the Financial Times reported that the EU was poised to launch one of its biggest ever trade cases, citing claims that the commission had painstakingly gathered evidence over...

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Beware of broadband monopoly, small TELCOs warn

Alternative TELCOs have called on the European Commission to lower wholesale charges and have warned that unless the “copper gravy train” is put to an end, broadband services will revert to the monopolies of before.

Under what they called “discriminatory conduct” from the bigger firms, the European Competitive Telecommunication Association (ECTA) asserted that the larger providers are ripping smaller TELCOs off for their legacy copper infrastructure.

According to ECTA, this in turn is...

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Samsung and Visa in NFC partnership for the Olympics

A limited edition model of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will utilise Visa’s payment app, Visa payWave, and be used by athletes and selected partners for the duration of the Olympics.

Visa and Samsung jointly announced the deal making it possible for privileged users to make transactions instantly at “thousands of retail locations throughout London”.

Any transaction of over £20 will require the user to input a passcode.

The move implements near field communication (NFC) technology which allows...

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Nokia warns of losses in face of “competitive industry dynamics”

Finnish handset vendor Nokia has announced that is expecting to report a loss for the first two quarters of 2012.
In a statement released Wednesday the firm blamed “competitive industry dynamics” for damaging net sales for its Mobile Phones and Smart Devices business units, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, India and China.The announcement takes the shine off the recent resurgence of Nokia’s high end...

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Telefónica announces roaming tariff in response to EU legislation

Telecoms giant Telefónica has responded to the EU’s new roaming legislation by introducing a standard roaming mobile tariff which they claim is “considerably cheaper than the EU’s regulated rate.”

The new pan-European tariff gives consumers 25MB usage – equal to 250 visits to “essential” websites – anywhere in the 27 European Union countries for €2 a day, or £1.99 for UK users. Any Telefónica users who exceed 25MB will be immediately...

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Can Telefónica halt the OTT smash and grab with "TU Me"?

European telecoms giant Telefónica has released its own VoIP-based communication app, in a direct challenge to the popular OTT services that have usurped billions of dollars of operators’ revenue over the last year.

European operators have been feeling the pinch from services like Skype and WhatsApp, and companies including Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodfone have been making noises about introducing their own rich...

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