Hutchison offers £3bn of its network to woo EU regulators in O2 takeover

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Regulators are concerned about Three’s £10bn pound bid for O2 due to a reduction of players in the market; which could lead to less competition and increase consumer prices. The deal, if approved, would also leapfrog Three from the smallest mobile operator in the UK, in terms of subscribers, to the biggest in one fell swoop.

Hutchison, who owns Three in the UK, has...

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Three and O2 offer five-year price freeze ahead of proposed merger

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Telecommunications giant BT was given the all-clear last month by regulators to acquire EE, the UK's biggest mobile operator. The deal has created a so-called "leviathan" which has shaken the market, and rivals have been scrambling to seek new ways to ensure they remain competitive. 


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5G uptake predicted faster than 4G – subscriptions to hit 150m by 2021

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According to Ericsson's latest Mobility Report, 5G is set to be in huge demand with 150 million subscribers expected to adopt it by 2021 - a year after the technology is due to hit the market. Such a large uptake over a short period would mean 5G is adopted much faster than 4G has. 

The markets which Ericsson predicts will lead 5G uptake is...

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102 million connected things illustrates rapid growth of Internet of Things in Nordics


The Nordic region is in pole position to capture IoT opportunities, driving business innovation and improving quality of life across the region.

A report by TeliaSonera and Arthur D. Little in March 2015 expects there will be close to four connected devices per person in the Nordics by 2018, totaling 102 million connected things. Advancements in connected cars, smart homes and digital health are expected to help drive market growth for IoT solutions by 23% annually until 2018, reaching a...

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Russian president discusses technological innovation and its effect on global relations

On the fifth anniversary of the Skolkovo Foundation, the ex-President of Russia has spoke about how the foundation has advanced technological innovation and how co-operation in the space helps to support international relations during turbulent political waters. 

Dmitry Medvedev, who held office from 2008 to 2012, signed a law during his tenure which gave rise to the not-for-profit Skolkovo Foundation which manages the innovation park of the same name. The goal of the foundation is "to create...

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European roaming fees to be scrapped in 2017

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We finally have a date for when roaming fees will be scrapped in Europe - June 15th, 2017. The EU Commission wanted the rules to be implemented earlier, but the date was pushed-back in order to win support from the European Parliament and Council. 

The rules will prevent mobile operators from charging huge...

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EU Commission approves €3 billion plan to expand Germany's broadband infrastructure

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Germany is planning a €3 billion national scheme to support the roll-out of next-generation access (NGA) broadband networks; a plan which has now been approved by the European Commission after being found to comply with EU state aid rules. 

Due to the 2013 Broadband State Aid Guidelines, public funding into networks must be available to all competitors...

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BT takes the lead with Europe's first 4K channel launch

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4K television sets have offered eye-wateringly beautiful images to viewers for some years now - despite their high prices. The cost of 4K televisions has dropped and become far more affordable - which means content providers are rushing to fill the considerable gaps in their library. 

BT Sport will show hundreds of live matches throughout the tournament using the very latest...

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EE witnesses revenue drop as BT deal nears

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BT agreed to acquire the UK's biggest mobile network, EE, earlier this year in a deal worth £12.5 billion. The deal, if approved by regulatory bodies, will shake-up the UK telecommunications market and position BT to offer the first true quad-play packages.

We are delivering strong, consistent commercial performance

In the meantime, EE will continue to operate independently. Operating...

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