Cloud music services will reach 191 million subs

Fans of recorded music that are already paying for on-demand streaming services will total 29 million people worldwide at the end of 2013, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. Accounting for 32 percent of the premium music service subscribers, Spotify is expected to close the year as the leader -- trailed by Deezer, SK Telecom’s MelOn, and rounded out by Rhapsody and Sony. Moreover, the high-growth cloud music services subscriber base is forecasted to reach 191 million by the end of...

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Google’s Chromecast disrupts everything on TV

The genius minds over at Google have just secured themselves an unstoppable force in the TV entertainment market; making a streaming device so well-priced everyone wants one – sometimes even multiple for every HDMI port in their home.

If you haven’t heard, Google’s Chromecast is a dongle which allows applications such as Netflix and YouTube to be streamed on any screen with a HDMI port.

You may be thinking,”ok, cool, but how does this disrupt everything?

First let’s take into account...

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Are models such as Spotify’s and Netflix’s viable for creators?

Almost a week ago, Thom Yorke – lead singer of Radiohead – pulled his music from Spotify in a protest about how much the music-streaming service pays artists (conveniently launching a service “mere days” after.)

But let’s play a quick game, try and guess the answer. Do creators get paid less for having their work on platforms...

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China leads M2M growth, IPTV subscriber market (and global cybersecurity fears)

Despite growing cybersecurity concerns regarding China; the country can’t be stopped in terms of pushing technological boundaries – leading both global M2M growth and IPTV subscribers.

Throughout the second half of 2012, the number of cellular Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications increased nearly 5.5 million. To put this in perspective; that’s the same amount as the UK had in total by the end of last year.

This places...

Apple is bidding for the Kinect motion peripheral

Ok, so that may have been a slightly misleading headline; Apple is bidding for the company which designed and created the original Kinect device used first in Microsoft’s Xbox console - PrimeSense.

The Israeli-based firm will also be providing chips and designs for the upcoming Xbox One, and has gained $85 million in venture capital funding.

Apple, however, is expected to bid between the region of $280 and $300 million to acquire the company and its technology.

This would put the company at an advantage over...

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Virgin Media gains Ginx TV – Achievement unlocked

As a testament to the rise of ‘eSports’ as a genre, Virgin Media in the UK has added Ginx TV to its EPG, along with the 12 different gaming-related shows which broadcast on the channel.

Residing on channel number 286; Ginx TV has been accessible in Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia and the Middle East for a while. Adding to its credibility and professionalism, it is also fully localised in over 40 territories and available in nine different languages.

What’s interesting is...

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Cameras are evolving, Photography is changing, and Nikon is adapting

The days of a digital SLR are not numbered as many would have you believe, but the face of what we know about them is certainly changing.

Some are already taking the next-step with implementing the power of Android; and yes, it must be said, mobile phones have increasingly capable cameras.

As a recent buyer of a DSLR – a Nikon no less – I’ve been instantly captivated by photography, and a mobile phone will never match the capabilities of a dedicated camera. Yet I came from an iPhone 4, where...

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Ericsson bolsters its media content with Red Bee acquisition

Swedish technology provider Ericsson announced its intention to acquire media services company Red Bee Media for a yet undisclosed sum.

Whilst still a very much relevant vendor of telecommunications and networking equipment, media services has never been a field of Ericsson’s. This was left somewhat down to joint venture with Sony; in aptly-named Sony Ericsson, until the companies separated last year.

Quite how Ericsson plans to use the expansion, or for how much they were willing to pay, is not yet...

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Streaming movies whilst still in theatres, enough to combat piracy?

Piracy is an issue which has plagued studios of various mediums for years, and controversially, sometimes helps to push boundaries, as was the case with the music industry. Now Disney and Sony wish to do the same with film and are trialling streaming brand-new titles whilst they’re in theatres.

First, let’s take a look at how music rose, fell, and has got back stronger than ever.

When music had to be obtained from your local record shop; you had to think long and hard about which artist...

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Interview: Telefónica’s Pavan Mathew on “Connected Cars”

This week Pavan Mathew, Global Head of Automotive Telematics at Telefónica, privileged me with an exclusive interview about a report released by the company on how the “Car industry must remodel itself to exploit the connected future.”

As we move towards a fully digital lifestyle we expect devices to be connected; with not just access to the wider world via the internet and services that entails, but also seamlessly with one...