Netflix gets ensnared in Verizon/Level 3 debate

By Josh Long

A quarrel ensnaring Netflix, ISPs and the “transit providers” that interconnect with them underscore the complexities in the debate over Net neutrality that is pending before the FCC.

A fundamental question continues to divide some of the most prominent U.S. communications companies: When a subscriber of the nation’s biggest streaming video service has difficulty watching a movie or television show, who is to blame for the connectivity conundrum? An ISP such as Verizon? The...

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Microsoft is taking Cortana for a joyride in your car

Car manufacturers are well-acquainted with Microsoft. For over 15 years the company’s Windows CE or Windows Automotive embeddable software has been behind software from BMW, Fiat, Ford, Kia, and Nissan.

What the company hasn’t had any control over is the end experience – with Apple bringing ‘CarPlay’ to upcoming vehicles; it’s overdue that Microsoft takes the car for another spin…

A new version of Windows for the car was shown off at last week’s BUILD developer...

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Netflix jumps into “Deep Learning” for personalisation…

They say that every friend we have influences our tastes and personality in some way; or perhaps it’s just they are similar to us? Either way, they are able to offer far-better recommendations than any service’s algorithms on the market today.

Netflix, the star TV and movie streaming service, is looking into using “deep learning” to build an artificial brain capable of matching what your human (hopefully!) friend’s brains can supply.

Deep learning is becoming a fairly hot-topic, and companies...

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Console Wars: The Phantom Statistics Menace

Both of the latest gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony are off to a great start; latest sales figures show shipments of the Xbox One and the PS4 to be at 3 million vs. 4.2 million, respectively.

These are fantastic numbers from an industry many criticised as becoming irrelevant in the face of gaming on the computer; whether PC, Mac, or Linux. In fact, whilst PC software shipped 32 million units globally – the Xbox alone shipped 133 million... Go figure, critics.

But let’s get back on track and...

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Voice startup ‘hello’ wants you to say goodbye to Skype

A new Indiegogo campaign by the name of ‘hello’ launches today, with its founder claiming he wants to create “the Mozilla of telephony”.

Paul Grimshaw, the company’s founder, claims that the peer-to-peer voice startup is unique in that it offers complete customisation and branding, with users being able to connect between different providers and move freely between them.

For instance, Canonical could set up an...

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Silk Road: Crime pays (in Bitcoin) ... until you get arrested

The notorious underground (literally, by cable fibre) online drug marketplace, Silk Road, was shutdown earlier this week; with visitors now being presented with an FBI seizure notice. Maybe we’ve found the place Bitcoins were really being used, not in pubs, but to pay for illicit drugs.

How would we make such a claim? Take a look at Bitcoin’s value; which dropped by about 20 percent, or close to $500 million, by mid-morning.

On the Bitstamp...

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Apple ‘iTV’: CableLabs exec to engineer “something big”

There’s been plenty of speculation about Apple’s play in the TV set space for many years; with the interest most definitively displayed in CEO Steve Jobs’ comments to his autobiography writer Walter Isaacson – where he calls the current medium as “brain dead”.

“I should be able to walk into a room, ignore the remote controls, and say, ‘OK TV. Put on Morning Joe.’ And I should be able to get it when I want it, easily.” Walter Isaacson, biographer of Steve...

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Wish the Surface Pro ran Mac OSX? Apple may be listening.

Whether you sit on Microsoft or Apple’s side of the fence, the Surface (Pro) is at least as capable as the iPad – possibly more.

With its ability to run full x86 desktop applications and games (think Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Maya, Diablo 3...) along with its whole host of connectivity options, and a physical keyboard, it’s reached the stage where many Apple diehards I’ve spoken to are now, like me, lusting for one.

Unlike me however (whose sole Apple device was an iPad) these people prefer...

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Level 3 discusses modern (and future) gaming infrastructure

One of the largest global telecommunications and Internet service provider companies, Level 3 is behind-the-scenes offering the infrastructure to keep your gaming sessions running smoothly and securely. TelecomsTech spoke to James Taylor, Director of Cloud Services for EMEA.

Gaming is quickly becoming the most important entertainment industry in the world; with many titles costing more to produce, and grossing more, than blockbuster Hollywood movies.

The latest release of Grand Theft...

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Amdocs on the “life” of telco providers and their services

Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems and services, released a survey yesterday based around the PLM (Product Life Management) of telecom provider’s services.

TelecomsTech took the opportunity to speak to Eitan Elkin from the firm about the findings and whether these providers are optimally positioned to tackle the future and its emerging threats.

Eitan first explains the background of PLM: “PLM is not a new term; it’s been around for more than 30...

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