Telefónica’s Simon Birkenhead: “Don’t get obsessed with the latest technology”

Speaking at the Technology for Marketers & Advertisers conference, Simon Birkenhead, Director of Global Ad Sales at Telefonica, explained: “The iPhone, born in 2007, doesn’t look too different today from what it did seven years ago. The iPad was born in 1993, it was called the Apple Newton. That was the first iPad. The design has changed a bit, it’s a bit more ‘gadgety’ but the concept hasn’t really changed that much.”


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The smart device market outlook for China

During 2014, China will remain one of the leading high-growth markets for digital technology. The Chinese Smart Connected Device (SCD) market grew by 45 percent in the third quarter of 2013, according to the latest market study by IDC.However, segment growth was mixed. The market growth rate of smartphones was 64 percent, media tablets were at 77 percent -- but, in contrast, PCs declined by -12 percent.IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker provides an integrated view of three important digital technology markets: Personal computers (notebooks and desktops), smartphones, and media tablets. According to the IDC study findings, overall 2013 saw fast growth for the SCD market in China."2013 was a game changing year. The consumer SCD...

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Spectralink’s PIVOT offers a familiar experience where BYOD isn’t feasible…

Earlier in the week, we spoke to Simon Watson from Spectralink and discussed that whilst BYOD in the workplace offers convenience to the user; there are applications, such as in medical institutions, where bringing your own device simply isn’t a feasible option…

Watson highlighted that consumer devices aren’t built to handle the bumps and bruises of industrial areas, or the harsh cleaning chemicals required to sanitise hardware...

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How Westpac is adapting in a fast mobile banking world

Westpac New Zealand is aiming to stand out from the crowd by being especially mobile-friendly.

Through its Global App Challenge, the bank is crowdsourcing ideas for the next generation of mobile and web banking apps with a NZD$100,000 prize at the end.

And according to Westpac NZ head of digital Simon Pomeroy, the reason why traditional banking has been relatively slow on the uptake is because banking has never changed.

“If you boil banking down to its grass roots, it’s still been the same since...

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Google cuts Motorola like a RAZR

It’s been less than three years since Google acquired Motorola; a move which observers had hoped would bring the kind of hardware and software synergy boasted by rival Apple in the smartphone space.

In this time, the only flagship to see the light of day was the ‘Moto X’. The handset, whilst unique, has had disappointing sales to the tune of 500,000 units sold. This...

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Blackberry's smart pivot to M2M

The machine to machine (M2M) market is growing rapidly – as sensors become cheaper to embed in our clothes, appliances, shipping containers and just about everything else. In fact, one estimate pegs the market as worth $88 billion in nine years from now. Hundreds of billions of sensors will soon be sold, presenting an opportunity like few others. More importantly, there is no market leader in the space...

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PTC’s ThingWorx acquisition extends product lifecycle to Internet of Things

PTC’s $112m acquisition of ThingWorx, a startup offering a platform for building and running applications based on smart, connected devices, will logically extend the company’s service lifecycle management (SLM) business. It will also help PTC’s product manufacturing clients to build value-added operational and maintenance services.

ThingWorx takes PTC into an increasingly crowded market for integrating machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. However, ThingWorx is more than middleware, and...

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Nokia’s negative, Lumia’s lifting

Nokia [NYSE: NOK] has unleashed their end of year financial results for 2013; an occasion industry observers have been waiting for to see how the company is now faring since the $7bn Microsoft acquisition last September.

Overall, Nokia hasn’t had the best 2013 with sales in ‘Operations’ down 21%, ‘NSN’ down 22%, ‘HERE’ down 9%, and ‘Advanced Technologies’ also down 20%... but is the outlook as bleak as many of the press are making...

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Console Wars: The Phantom Statistics Menace

Both of the latest gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony are off to a great start; latest sales figures show shipments of the Xbox One and the PS4 to be at 3 million vs. 4.2 million, respectively.

These are fantastic numbers from an industry many criticised as becoming irrelevant in the face of gaming on the computer; whether PC, Mac, or Linux. In fact, whilst PC software shipped 32 million units globally – the Xbox alone shipped 133 million... Go figure, critics.

But let’s get back on track and...

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'Blackphone' is the choice for Heisenberg, and those looking to hide from the NSA

The NSA revelations keep coming in thick and fast - every day is a new story. Today’s episode reveals the US government security agency can use radio waves to monitor computers they can’t access via the World Wide Web. Anyone else yawning? Nothing is a surprise anymore.

Honestly, most of us have given up on the thought of having privacy from the government – but if it meant our actual personal or work security is at risk; we’d probably pay more attention.

If we’ve learnt anything from

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