Samsung and Intel team-up for consumer IoT specification

For the Internet of Things to truly take-off, the industry needs to come together and create a standard for communication between compatible hardware and software. There are already several consortiums with the support of major heavyweights; such as the 'AllSeen Alliance'.

The AllSeen Alliance is backed by LG Electronics, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp, Silicon Image, TP-LINK,...

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Citizen Lab exposes malware network used by police worldwide

At the University of Toronto you can find Citizen Lab who, in collaboration with computer security firm Kaspersky, has exposed a massive network of mobile malware targeting all phone types. It is sold by an Italian firm for use in police forces around the world.

'Remote Control System' (RCS) can infiltrate Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and even BlackBerry devices. Most mobile malware targets Android, due to its market-share, but many industry experts warn other...

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Nest starts talking to the world, and gets exploited…

You have to admire Nest. The small IoT startup began with a simple ethos to “take the unloved products in your home and make simple, beautiful, thoughtful things” and from the get-go they succeeded with their much-loved and all-round impressive Nest Thermostat.

Since their humble beginnings, Nest also released a smoke detector. The most pivotal point in the company’s history, however, is an eye-watering $3.2 billion acquisition from internet king Google earlier this year.

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Connected Living market to reach $731 Billion by 2020

Massive technology-led disruption across all industries is moving everyone globally towards an Internet of Everything -- where into the 2020's, tens of millions of people will be connected by trillions of digital things and software applications.This evolution started in the 1970's that had specialized activities driven by proprietary equipment and mainframes, then increased productivity in the 1990's propelled by the advent of PC's and the internet, followed by bursts of disruption and innovation in 2010 onward...

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Licence to Kill: Laws signed for cell phone ‘kill switch'

Minnesota has become the latest state to sign legislation that requires all mobile phones and tablets sold within its borders to be equipped with anti-theft software which includes a remote ‘kill switch’ able to shut-off and lock the device if it is stolen or being used for illegitimate purposes.

iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices already come with built-in software which can locate, wipe, or shut-down the missing device. On iPhone and iPad this comes in the form of ‘Find my...

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DMR Tier III: the open standard for radio communications

Private mobile radio is fast becoming an essential communications solution to support the operational needs of utilities companies, airports, oil and gas pipelines and emergency services.

When compared to public cellular services, it delivers improved coverage, reliability and resistance, contention, security, group communications and performance.

The digital landscape is crowded, though, with a number of public safety digital standards such as TETRA, P25 as well as low cost digital solutions including DMR (Digital Mobile...

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S5 is the most expensive smartphone to build in this Galaxy

Samsung’s smartphones have never been known for their build quality. Reviews have called outer shells “cheap plastic” and although changing to a more faux leather texture with their latest Galaxy S5 – few would pit the build cost as being above rivals such as the HTC One M8.

But, it is. In fact an IHS teardown has revealed the Galaxy S5 carriers the biggest bill of materials of any smartphone.

The 32GB iteration of the handset carries a BOM of $251.52 and rises further to $256.52 once...

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A closer look at Virgin Media Business' “Three New Things” shortlist of web technologies

UK telecoms giant Virgin Media Business is currently running a competition to find “Three New Things” alongside some very appetising rewards for digital entrepreneurs up and down the country. The list has now been whittled down to 10 finalists – and most have something in common…

Perhaps unsurprising for a competition run by a modern and forward-looking empire as Virgin Media – the majority of the finalists have some relation to the web and connected...

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