Samsung embarks on worldwide tour to promote a S-lifestyle

Everyone who regularly uses technology knows how convenient (and yet occasionally frustrating) a tight ecosystem can be - yes, just look at Apple’s iDevice and Mac line. These work together flawlessly… until you try to use another manufacturer.

This has two favourable advantages; firstly, you have full-control to create a great experience for customers. Secondly, it makes it frustrating for any customer to leave the ecosystem.

Samsung is looking to recreate the ‘i’ experience with...

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Microsoft will rule the internet (yes, and Google…)

The next decade will be connected to that source of knowledge we know as the internet – whoever rules it has the keys to the tech world. Nobody really “owns” the internet; but some companies certainly have more influence than others over its contents – notably, Google.

One of the current hot topics in the industry is “The Internet of Things” - the idea being that every device has a reachable address on the web.

Whoever can harness this technology has an enviable...

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Tizen selects Nokia’s Here platform for location

Nick Dillon, Senior Analyst, Devices & Platforms

The Tizen Association announced on Monday that it has selected Nokia’s Here maps platform to power the location elements of the Tizen mobile operating system.

This fills a major hole in Tizen’s offering and paves the way for the launch of the first Tizen handsets from Samsung, which we expect to arrive in 2014. Although the impact of the deal will ultimately rely on the success of Tizen, the selection of Here not only illustrates the growing...

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Internet of things and M2M apps move to open platforms

In spite of global recession, certain areas of the global M2M industry are illustrating remarkable resilience -- even with the threat of new business models created from the ever-increasing sophistication of the global smartphone and software app ecosystem. According to the latest market study by Juniper Research, the installed base of cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) devices will approach 500 million modules by 2018, driven by more open M2M ecosystems and improved cloud-based APIs. According to their assessment, the M2M space is seeing an increasing focus on the development of open platforms that simplify connectivity to a wide range of isolated devices through the cloud. This...

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Celltick on the challenges facing mobile operators today #AppsWorld

According to Ramgopal Vidyanand, Celltick VP corporate marketing and business development, one of the biggest challenges facing mobile operators is that mobile is increasingly becoming the first screen.

In other words, if you’re struggling at the back of the pack now, it’s not going to get better any time soon.

“I think the operator’s relevance is waning,” he explains to TelecomsTech ahead of his speaking appearance at Apps World Europe, adding...

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Apple ‘iTV’: CableLabs exec to engineer “something big”

There’s been plenty of speculation about Apple’s play in the TV set space for many years; with the interest most definitively displayed in CEO Steve Jobs’ comments to his autobiography writer Walter Isaacson – where he calls the current medium as “brain dead”.

“I should be able to walk into a room, ignore the remote controls, and say, ‘OK TV. Put on Morning Joe.’ And I should be able to get it when I want it, easily.” Walter Isaacson, biographer of Steve...

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Wish the Surface Pro ran Mac OSX? Apple may be listening.

Whether you sit on Microsoft or Apple’s side of the fence, the Surface (Pro) is at least as capable as the iPad – possibly more.

With its ability to run full x86 desktop applications and games (think Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Maya, Diablo 3...) along with its whole host of connectivity options, and a physical keyboard, it’s reached the stage where many Apple diehards I’ve spoken to are now, like me, lusting for one.

Unlike me however (whose sole Apple device was an iPad) these people prefer...

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UK’s tracking programme is exclusively for cows

Whilst many of us are steal reeling from the invasive privacy measures used by the NSA in their PRISM programme; it turns out the UK has started a similar tracking initiative... for cows.

The aptly-named “Cow Tracking Project” connects individual cows to the web, Internet of Things-style, by attaching a GPS device to each, and placing sensors around their shed to monitor their movements and sleeping habits.

Its aim is to monitor any behavioural changes which could...

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Where is the Apple iPhone 5C’s market?

Apple is a premium brand. It was for this very reason I got nervous in the days before yesterday’s keynote about the rumoured iPhone 5C.

What everyone felt certain of, was that it would be considerably cheaper than the higher-end ‘5S’ in order to enter the mid-level market at an affordable price that could potentially put an iPhone in any consumer’s hands.

In the short-term, this would have worked wonders.

Price a mid-range iPhone like Google’s Nexus 4 at $370 (£239) and it...

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Sony’s “Vita TV” is (literally) a game changer

Everyone seems to want a piece of the TV these days; Apple TV, Roku, ChromeCast – the list is endless, and with good reason. It’s a lucrative space which we’re only just starting to see being taken advantage of. Forget Smart TV’s, these are Smart Manufacturers.

Built-in solutions, in my mind, were never going to work. Consumers want an experience which is both powerful and portable.

Whilst there have been many memorable devices such as the Boxee Box (which subsequently got absorbed and...

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