How in an OTT landscape telcos can be challengers too


Telcos are at the heart of digital innovation in industries such as media, banking and automotive, but are they lagging behind in the digital transformation of their own businesses? Is it really possible to do A while aggressively and boldly pursuing B? 

Of course, they are facing their own strategic challenges including increasing competition from mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) such as Go Mobile and Tesco Mobile. ...

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Three steps to improve telcos’ customer experience in an increasingly agile world


As customer experience fast becomes a key determinant of success for CSPs, every individual within an organisation will hold some responsibility over it and there is more pressure than ever for businesses to invest in new solutions to manage the needs of their customers. In order to drive Customer Experience Management (CEM) forward in today’s increasingly agile world, CSPs must work to reshape business models to understand the fast changing needs of their customers and provide...

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The future of mobile: on-digital and on-demand

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Consumers, particularly the millennial generation, use internet services to get them what they want, on their terms. Whether it’s ordering food from a restaurant of their choice through Deliveroo, booking a taxi any time of the day with Uber, or ordering clothing on the fly from ASOS – they have control over, and can get instant gratification from these services....

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Opinion: It’s not just a phone any more

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Referring to the device in our pocket as a “phone” has become hilariously anachronistic. Like the “save” icon represented by a floppy disc, the term “telephone” has come a long way from its first iteration. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, we use our mobile phones for far more than simply making calls. They’ve become a social device; a way to manage our lives...

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2016’s key industry trends: IoT hype and big data disillusionment


The past year has seen an increasing need for operators to adopt new methods, learn from their customers in the market, and provide an excellent customer experience globally.  With demand from operators to provide customer-centric care continuing to rise, 2016 will see communications service providers (CSPs) face several fresh challenges.

Here is how CSPs can seek to remain competitive and profitable in the midst of new technological and commercial developments:

Big data...

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Opinion: Traditional phone systems could hold your business back

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Many small businesses still rely on antiquated phone systems, designed for the old way of work that don’t meet the needs of today’s companies or consumers. These systems often lack the ability to support company growth ambitions – and in many cases – can be damaging and costly to a business.

Using a cloud-based business phone system, users can connect business...

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How communication service providers can manage the new world of customer experience

A plethora of products, varying prices, rules and value-added services make the choices offered by service providers complex and overwhelming. So much so, that it is often too much for customers to decide which is the right one.

By providing so much choice, service providers are actually causing customer dissatisfaction. This whitepaper from Amdocs discusses the challenges and opportunities providers face in times of changing customer experience.

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BT "RAMBo" patent infringement could reduce service

"They drew first blood, not me" - Rambo 

British Telecom employ a DLM (Dynamic Line Management) system called "RAMBo" which helps to optimise the broadband speeds for million of its customers. The telecoms giant was forced to stop its use after UK courts found it infringes on two patents owned by ASSIA, a leading provider of software solutions for broadband access networks.

In order to continue the use of RAMBo, BT would have to pay ASSIA £250,000 per week until the firm could...

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