Exploring the online payment fraud prevention market

The convenience and global reach made possible by online channels has led to the development of a broad set of digital eCommerce services. However, the accessibility of the Internet and the ability to commit fraud remotely creates an environment for cyber criminals to prosper.

Meanwhile, the potential attack surface for miscreants is enormous -- about 94 billion transactions were made for remote goods purchases in 2016, which is only a fraction of the total eCommerce landscape.

That said, advanced security...

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Why operators need to up their game to avoid customer churn

Small and medium sized enterprises are less satisfied with their telecoms services than larger enterprises, according to new research from Analysys Mason.

The research, which polled 1600 enterprises, also found a clear link between operators beefing up their Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and reducing churn.

This ‘clear relationship’ between levels of satisfaction and enterprises leaving their provider may not be hugely surprising, yet according to the figures, operators can reduce ‘intended...

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Bringing the human touch back to telecoms

One of the biggest challenges facing the telecoms industry is managing the customer experience, after all the rate of customer satisfaction is a huge determinant of success. Yet despite the need to focus on this critical aspect of service, many in the industry are struggling.

According to the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index from The Institute of Customer Service, telecoms is the worst performing sector when it comes to keeping people happy. This makes it abundantly clear that these businesses need to...

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Why location intelligence is the key to addressing customer churn

The structure of network traffic is changing. It is estimated that 31% of smartphone users now make no traditional voice calls in a given week, and 36% of 18-24 year olds are ‘data exclusive’, so the pressure on infrastructure providers is increasing rapidly.  In its latest Visual Networking Index, Cisco forecast data traffic will reach 49 Exabytes within the next five years. An exabyte is equal to a quintillion, and 49 quintillion looks like this: 49,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s a...

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What mobile service providers can learn from Amazon, Google and Uber

Today’s popular internet services, like Amazon, Google, or Uber, have established a winning customer experience template. Wireless service providers like Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, strive to provide a comparable experience to their customers but are often falling short of that goal. Carriers’ engagement and interaction with their customers on their mobile devices is often lacking, if not flawed, relative to today’s expectation.

In general, mobile operators tend to lack immediacy and...

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Australian telcos getting better at minimising bill shock, new report reveals

Users in Australia are becoming more satisfied with their telecom providers in terms of ease of understanding bills, information provided on products and minimising unexpectedly high bills, according to a study from the Communications Alliance.

The quarterly national survey, conducted by Roy Morgan Research, found the percentage of customers who received an unexpectedly high bill has consistently decreased in each wave of the survey, down from 34% in the first wave conducted in 2013 to 26% in the most recent...

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What can telcos do to change their customer service reputation?

This year, Mobile World Congress seemed to be in a transition. There was less of a spotlight on telcos and there appeared to be fewer new phones being showcased compared with previous years. Yes, we saw everything from new hardware and artificial intelligence, to connected cars and virtual reality, but the focus appeared to be more about getting used to mobile technology and how it can work seamlessly for consumers. This can only be a good thing because, over the last few...

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How CSPs can deliver exceptional customer experience for the most demanding customers


Did you know that 78% of consumers have abandoned or not made a purchase transaction because of a bad customer experience? The first customer complaint in history was recorded in 1750 BC – someone called Nanni, inscribing on a tablet to someone named Ea-nasir to complain about the wrong delivery of copper –  and today businesses globally lose

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Escaping silos to pursue scale: The top three big data challenges for telcos


When looking at common problems organisations face around building strategic big data analytics programmes, it’s interesting to look at the challenges and how they differ from industry to industry. While banks and insurance companies may struggle with legacy technology, and retailers fight against unmanageable volume, there is one thing that is certain: when it comes to big data, telcos are all starting from different places and perspectives, and there is no commonality in the use...

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Why referral technology and marketing makes sense in the telecoms industry


Pop quiz time. If I were to ask you: “What’s the most effective form of customer acquisition: a) social media, b) digital advertising or c) referral marketing?” what would you say? Chances are you’d go for digital advertising or, if you were taking a punt on an outside bet, maybe social media. But here’s the kicker: according to 2016 data from Demand Metric, the actual answer is referral marketing.

That might come as a surprise but, while other channels may have...

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