Big data: Why CSPs must go big or go home

By Gordon Rawling, Director of EMEA Marketing, Oracle Communications

According to a recent report from the European Commission (EC), more digitised data has been created in the last two years than in every year before this period combined.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down, with users continuing to adopt a widening array of data-driven devices as part of their new digital lifestyles. The EC report also reveals that even with the big data market growing at roughly 40 per cent each year, few of the...

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How connected healthcare is gaining industry acceptance #TTW

Telecoms Tech sat in on an interesting discussion from Bob Gann, head of international business development at NHS England, on steps the NHS is taking in cutting its costs and becoming more connected

M2M and IoT has traditionally been examined from a vertical perspective, with healthcare at the forefront. But even though some in the industry have forecast horizontal plays gaining prominence, it's always refreshing to see where healthcare M2M, always a strong vertical, is going.

Bob Gann, head of international...

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James Monighan: How current M2M reportage is missing the point #TTW

Ahead of Telecoms Tech World next week James Monighan, who is chairing the M2M track at the event, discusses the current state of the M2M market, how important the customer experience is, and how the coverage doesn’t quite tell the full story

It’s becoming clear that the machine to machine (M2M) ecosystem is going to revolutionise everyday lives, especially as it morphs into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Yet the majority of reports on the topic focus on big numbers. A Strategy Analytics research report released

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Penrillian founder Charles Weir: NFC for payments is not dead yet #AppsWorld

According to Charles Weir, founder and technical director of development house Penrillian, near field communications (NFC) payment technology is going to seriously gain ground in two years’ time – and Apple’s lack of development in the area is just a red herring.

The launch of iOS 7, and Bluetooth technology iBeacons in particular, has caused many in the press to call it the NFC-killer. Jonny...

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Why telecom service providers must evolve, now

Communication service providers can no longer continue down their traditional path of revenue generation and expect to survive, due to the overwhelming evidence that their legacy business strategy is obsolete. Dramatic shifts and changes in the marketplace now require decisive action. Small incremental tweaks to old business plans and established financial models cannot result in the desired outcomes. A major crossroads has been reached. There are two options; either adapt to the apparent market realities or...

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Empirix talks about the importance of Big Data analysis

Empirix, a recognized leader in end-to-end network performance, has today launched a new analytics platform by the name of ‘IntelliSight’.

We took the opportunity to speak to Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing, about the release and the importance of effective Big Data analytics.

He offered some interesting industry insight.

Tim first explains how the IntelliSight platform works: “We gather information and...

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Amdocs on the “life” of telco providers and their services

Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems and services, released a survey yesterday based around the PLM (Product Life Management) of telecom provider’s services.

TelecomsTech took the opportunity to speak to Eitan Elkin from the firm about the findings and whether these providers are optimally positioned to tackle the future and its emerging threats.

Eitan first explains the background of PLM: “PLM is not a new term; it’s been around for more than 30...

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Telcos look inwardly for new innovation

Ovum recently published the 2H12 version of its Telco Services Innovation Radar. In 2H12, the Radar tracked 485 new service launches by fixed and mobile telcos around the world. From these launches, it is clear that operators have increased their focus on developing new services within their existing core operations rather than investing heavily in completely new lines of business. This was reflected in the fact that there were less collaborative services launched, with many operators opting to launch services alone...

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Why 4G is an opportunity for CSPs to reposition their business

With ageing 2G/3G networks – as well as a proliferation of complex tariffs and policies – 4G represents an ideal opportunity for CSPs to reposition their businesses (in particular as Over The Top players) and make them more profitable. 

Uncertainty from investors and changing customer behaviour, from voice-centric to data-centric usage, means that CSPs cannot rest on their laurels and must find ways to monetise their LTE investments. Unlike with 3G, they can’t afford to wait years for...

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Cloud music services will reach 191 million subs

Fans of recorded music that are already paying for on-demand streaming services will total 29 million people worldwide at the end of 2013, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. Accounting for 32 percent of the premium music service subscribers, Spotify is expected to close the year as the leader -- trailed by Deezer, SK Telecom’s MelOn, and rounded out by Rhapsody and Sony. Moreover, the high-growth cloud music services subscriber base is forecasted to reach 191 million by the end of...

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