Why iOS 6 offers lots for consumers, little for business IT

By Richard Absalom, Analyst,Consumer Impact IT, Ovum


Following on from Apple’s unveiling on June 11 of the latest iteration of its iPhone operating system, iOS 6, Ovum has been examining what this means for IT departments aiming to manage iOS usage in the enterprise.

Further details will be forthcoming and the world’s MDM vendors will be working with the developer release of iOS 6 to ensure that they are able to support it as...

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Assessing the global consumer attachment to technology

Perhaps you've noticed the latest trend - tech market researchers and pollsters are now asking consumers questions about their attachment to various devices and gadgets. Is this insight really useful or actionable? I'll let you decide...

A majority (65%) of global citizens in 25 countries would choose to give up their mobile phone over one third (35%) who would give up their computer -- if forced to choose between the two -- according to the latest market study by

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Has NFC got a new ticker?

When I was little I used to get gifts from my parents like most kids in my age, mostly toys. Being very secretive with my toys I‘d never share them with anyone except my sister; we’d play in the garden surrounding the house, also acting as a shield, blocking access to those trying to see what was happening inside. Except being secretive with my toys, my sister was bored very easily, especially with toys for boys.

One day, I received a freesbie as an ‘end of school’ present; the...

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"Resourceful" mobile workers not totally satisfied with Wi-Fi, report states

A report from iPass has noted consumer dissatisfaction with slow Wi-Fi connections while praising their resourcefulness, among other trends.

The report, titled “Understanding Mobility Trends and Mobile Usage Among Business Users”, examined trends in “globally mobile” users, and how they influence the “always-on mobile worker”, emphasising the 24/7 nature of mobile workers.

A startling 88% of those surveyed stated that

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Exploring the Global Digital Signage Market Upside

While there's still a raging debate over the full upside potential of the Digital Signage market, particularly within the retail industry, pundits and insiders know that the most effective way to quantify the market is to follow the display technology outlook. NPD Display Search will once again host a one-day Digital Signage Conference at InfoComm, providing in-depth insight into the projected growth and emerging trends of the digital signage industry. The fifth annual Digital Signage Conference is taking place on June 12, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Practitioners in the...

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Tablet users will help shape the future mobile app market

Between 2010 and 2011 the global installed base of app consumers increased by 104%. While the installed base of smartphones increased by nearly 274 million, tablets were the fastest growing segment.

The number of new tablet app consumers increased by 58 million. As a result, tablet owners now constitute 8.6% of the installed app consumer base.

Global installed app user base +58 million in 2011

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How big data is challenging mobile service mediation

The traditional approach to service charging involved each network event being equal to a chargeable unit that was priced individually. But this paradigm has changed. The new approach involves tiered service bundles and periodic allowances. This change has been the result of a combination of evolving consumer behaviors and technology advances that have resulted in a rapid increase of usage data being generated by communications networks. These volumes manifest themselves as the challenge we are coming to...

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Are You Ready for the Identity Economy?

With Facebook’s value being pegged around 100 billion dollars; it is easy to see why many are calling identity the new oil of the internet. And one company, UnboundID is looking to become the leader in this bold new frontier which they call the identity economy.

By allowing companies to buy, sell, trade and leverage customer information the company allows their customers to combine this information with others in order to add value to themselves as well as end users.

An example of this concept in action...

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