Ofcom gives Everything Everywhere green light to launch UK 4G

For nine months the UK telecoms industry held its breath as it awaited Ofcom’s decision on whether to allow Everything Everywhere to launch 4G services using its existing holding of spectrum.

Then on August 21, 2012 Ofcom granted that liberalisation. The decision has been seen as firmly pro-consumer, but it has angered rival operators. While it is not a perfect outcome, it does mean that the UK moves a step closer to finally getting 4G, which could arrive as soon as September this year.


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Operators’ OTT Puzzle: Time to Consider Sleeping with the Enemy?

Over The Top’ mobile internet communications services such as Skype and WhatsApp are set to cost the global mobile industry as much as $182 billion in lost voice and messaging revenue over the next four years, according to research from MobileSquared, sponsored by mobile interaction service provider, tyntec.

This is hardly news. It seems that every week there are new figures published that support the view that operators are being relegated to the role of ‘dump pipes’ and that OTT services are steadily eroding the traditional operator revenue strongholds of voice and SMS. And yet this research is...

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Five ways NFC could transform business life


The emergence of the ‘mobile wallet’ is one of the most talked-about technology developments of 2012.

An increasing number of leisure outlets, shops and transport hubs now have NFC readers at checkouts, which means customers can pass an NFC-enabled handset in front of the device to make an instant payment, debited either from their bank account or added to their monthly mobile service charge.

Instead of carrying a large wallet full of cards or fumble in pockets for cash, this...

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Telecoms pricing: still the dark side of the industry?

The Australian telecoms industry has dodged a bullet with the acceptance by ACMA of the updated Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code (TCP).

The self-regulation body Communications Alliance has responded to calls for improved consumer protection with some significant improvements. New standards will apply to information provided to consumers, how products are advertised, what is presented on the bill, and complaint-handling procedures.

In the...

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Australian TELCOs to clean up act with “ground-breaking” regs

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has enabled new regulations on TELCOs aiming to give consumers “materially greater protection” against billing hikes and poor customer service.

The revised telecommunications consumer protection (TCP) code – which at a hefty 102 pages is “designed to ensure good service and fair outcomes for all consumers of telecommunications products in Australia” – will take effect on September 1.

The new measures will be monitored...

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How will London 2012 be the first digital Olympics experience?

The upcoming summer Olympic Games in London, England will set a precedent for the use and application of advanced digital technology - that's from the perspective of both multimedia content producers and consumers. The BBC says that London 2012 will be the first truly digital Games. They will ensure audiences never miss a moment, delivering unprecedented coverage across multiple digital platforms so that sports fans can stay up to date wherever they are, whenever they want to view the action. The BBC will give audiences more choice,...

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Why iOS 6 offers lots for consumers, little for business IT

By Richard Absalom, Analyst,Consumer Impact IT, Ovum


Following on from Apple’s unveiling on June 11 of the latest iteration of its iPhone operating system, iOS 6, Ovum has been examining what this means for IT departments aiming to manage iOS usage in the enterprise.

Further details will be forthcoming and the world’s MDM vendors will be working with the developer release of iOS 6 to ensure that they are able to support it as...

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Assessing the global consumer attachment to technology

Perhaps you've noticed the latest trend - tech market researchers and pollsters are now asking consumers questions about their attachment to various devices and gadgets. Is this insight really useful or actionable? I'll let you decide...

A majority (65%) of global citizens in 25 countries would choose to give up their mobile phone over one third (35%) who would give up their computer -- if forced to choose between the two -- according to the latest market study by

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Has NFC got a new ticker?

When I was little I used to get gifts from my parents like most kids in my age, mostly toys. Being very secretive with my toys I‘d never share them with anyone except my sister; we’d play in the garden surrounding the house, also acting as a shield, blocking access to those trying to see what was happening inside. Except being secretive with my toys, my sister was bored very easily, especially with toys for boys.

One day, I received a freesbie as an ‘end of school’ present; the...

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