Apple and Samsung slug it out in handset war

One month on from Apple’s iPhone 5 launch and market scribblers are rushing to upgrade their earnings forecasts for the tech giant, and raising their price targets ever higher.

Some might consider that this could be a mistake, especially if next week’s forthcoming Q4 earnings release comes in short on sales. With this in mind, the statement is likely to be closely scrutinised for any shortfall in headline numbers with particular attention paid to revenues and units sold.

Some early estimates have...

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T-City Friedrichshafen: How Deutsche Telekom is learning how to build a smart grid

By Alaa Owaineh, Senior Analyst, Energy & Sustainability Technology

The world is increasingly urban, and cities are an important part of any strategy to build smarter, more sustainable energy systems. Since 2007, the city of Friedrichshafen in Southern Germany has been the site of the T-City project, funded by Deutsche Telekom (DT). The project is an experiment in creating a smarter city, and has allowed DT to evaluate a number of innovative technologies in practice, including smart homes and a...

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How IT vendors are creating new revenue streams for operators

By Shagun Bali, Analyst, Telecom IT, Ovum

Telcos are operating in an increasingly saturated and competitive environment, where their services are regarded as commodities and their margins are lower than ever and shrinking. Telcos are being pressured to reduce operating costs, differentiate their services, enhance customer experience and generate new revenue streams – all at the same time. 

The opportunity lies in harnessing their strategic asset – customer information – to generate new...

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Smart metering: What the utilities sector can learn from telecoms

In one of my recent posts, I suggested that the telecoms sector has needed to respond to recent surges in consumer data usage – demonstrating a value-added service that is appropriately measurable and scalable for users.

While Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have a way to go before this is achieved, the availability of sophisticated Business Support Systems (BSS) means that telecoms has the agility and functionality...

By Rob Smith, 27 September 2012, 1 comment. Categories: Big Data, Consumers.

Can BlackBerry rebound, and how will RIM play it out?

BlackBerry: Can it rebound?

Research in Motion still remains in a very precarious position, based on where it once was ─ at the top of the smartphone market.

The company’s new CEO Thorsten Heins has orchestrated considerable senior management changes, and the brand continues to downsize. It has stopped giving financial guidance to the street and has engaged with J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and RBC Capital Markets to look at all possibilities.

Just four years ago, BlackBerry was the #1 smart phone brand, and was widely adopted in...

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Regulators: In defence of the competition law

By James Robinson, Associate Analyst, Regulation & Policy

In the past few months regulators from various jurisdictions have found their respective incumbent telcos to have breached national antitrust law and have imposed hefty penalties.

The preservation of fair competition and the protection of consumer welfare are two primary goals of most national regulatory authorities (NRAs) and recent activities have sought to achieve these objectives.

Effective competition can benefit consumers and industry alike...

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Who wins and who loses in the video on-demand wars?

The on-demand market is finally here

Video-on-demand is really a thing of the 1990s. Industry pundits have forecasted the demise of the linear TV market for almost 20 years, but the multi-channel pay-TV business model has proven remarkably resilient. The growth spurt and increased profitability with the move to digital distribution over the past 10-15 years have given new life to business models, which are more than 30 years old.

At the same time, on-demand technology has failed to deliver a truly attractive...

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Negating churn and owning the customer: SLAs are the new killer app

The advent of smartphones has meant that Apps now dominate the language of mobile.

Apps will come and go with waning interest but, regardless of the latest game on the market, consumers will always expect a service that rewards their loyalty.

It is for this reason that one concept will become increasingly essential to customer retention and effective service: the service level agreement (SLA). The SLA is, in essence, the ‘killer App’ that all customers need and all Communications Service Providers...

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