‘White space’ devices are on the way, says Ofcom

Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator of the United Kingdom, has called for a pilot of an innovative new batch of “white space” devices utilising gaps in the radio spectrum.

The plan is to use white space in order to test broadcasts which will not interfere with any current spectrum. This will be enforced by broadcasters only being allowed to utilise where the spaces are, and the power levels they are restricted to on a dedicated website updated by Ofcom.

The scheme will initially launch in the autumn...

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Analysing the impact of Netflix’s “Long Term View” plan

Already a favourite service in many households, Netflix has become an indispensable service for on-demand entertainment consumption. With successful ventures into original programming, where do they expand from here?

Luckily Netflix’s “Long Term View” plan gives some insight, beginning the report with a quote from Kevin Spacey’s character on the original hit show ‘House of Cards’: “Look at the bigger picture.”

Most will agree with the first point, “the...

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How a call center translation service went mainstream

Virtually everything in our lives has gotten more expensive over the years; such as housing, cars, postage stamps, food and energy. Yet telecommunications and broadband service costs continue to plummet. This state of affairs is in-part due to Moore’s Law and a side benefit of the lowering connectivity costs has been bringing the world closer together. In the nineties you could bankrupt yourself quite easily if you direct-dialed from one country to another yet today IP communications has lowered the...

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150 million tablets are forecast to ship in 2013

The convenience and mobility benefits afforded by media tablets are very apparent, given the results from record unit shipments and revenues that were reported by vendors in 2012. In 2013, approximately 150 million tablets (up by 38 percent year-over-year) are forecast to ship globally worth an estimated $64 billion (up by 28 percent from 2012) in potential end-user revenues, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. So far, Apple has reigned since the introduction of its iPad in 2010, though...

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EE expects to hit 1m customers by end of 2013

After only five months, alongside extensive development and rapid deployment, the UK’s first 4G network Everything Everywhere (EE) has announced hitting 318,000 customers.

This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering many questioned their pricing strategy would push users away and slow adoption rate.

Yet EE believes the adoption will only grow, with a staggering one million expected by the end of 2013.

As a result of this...

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Over the top video revenue to exceed $20B by 2015

According to the latest market study by ABI Research, American companies like Netflix, Hulu, Apple and Amazon helped to drive the over-the-top (OTT) video entertainment market past $8 billion in 2012. The three largest markets -- North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific experienced year-over-year growth in excess of 50 percent in 2012. The continued spread of connected consumer electronics (CE) and increasingly mobile devices -- such as media tablets -- are expected to push the market past $20 billion by 2015. ...

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The key to increasing data revenues: Giving customers what they want

High speed data services like LTE are changing how operators develop and market services – operators are selling more services, with a faster time to market, to an increasingly segmented customer base and new business models are constantly on the horizon.

Innovative operators are embracing this new market opportunity by offering Dynamic Services and delivering choice to their subscribers.

Dynamic Services is a platform for creating, displaying and charging for mobile services. A key part is the service...

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Vendors and telcos need to address the “reality gap”

Shagun Bali, Analyst, Telecom ITOvum analysts, IT vendors, and telcos recently took part in a conference hosted by SAS Institute in Colorado, which highlighted some of the biggest issues that telcos face today. One particular, overarching, issue we view as the “reality gap”: vendors such as SAS offer sophisticated data integration and data mining tools that can help telcos overcome problems stemming from fragmented data, but while telcos see the value of such tools, they struggle every day with internal adoption barriers rooted in...

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How much will data users actually pay? It's personal...

I’d like to share what I think is one of the big topics being discussed at Mobile World Congress 2013 in the past few days. I participated in a seminar about "learning from consumer behaviour." It focused on trends that can be identified in the mobile communications world.  The general agreement was that the trends pose an opportunity and a threat at the same time.  Mobile networks are dealing daily with the explosion of smartphones and tablet users on their network.  In the mature markets, the...

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Consumer willingness to purchase on smartphones goes up and up

A new report from performance marketers Intela has revealed that more than two in five UK smartphone users said they were more likely to purchase goods over mobile than this time last year.

Nearly one in two US consumers (44%) agreed that they were more likely to buy through mobile this year than compared to 2012.

The Intela Mobile Consumer Report 2013 found that m-commerce trends were on the increase, however overall m-commerce promotions fail to influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Half of UK smartphone...

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