FCC simplifies broadband facts with inspiration from nutrition labels

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In the most "consumer" move the FCC has ever made, the regulator has introduced a new label inspired by nutrition labels in a bid to ensure potential customers know what they should expect from their broadband package. 

Using the same design as consumers are used to finding on the back of their nutritional products, the new labels will replace...

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Opinion: It’s time to go the extra mile with rail Wi-Fi

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Recent announcements by Chiltern Railways and South West Rail demonstrate how Train Operating Companies (TOCs) are forging ahead with the full-scale rollout of Wi-Fi on-board for the benefit of passengers. This follows on the heels of the Government’s consultation about improving mobile communications on the rail network, of which we are still awaiting feedback.

All of this...

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#MWC16: eSports is taking over TV

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During a panel at Mobile World Congress, four high-profile representatives in gaming spoke about how eSports has taken off in recent years, and how it's affecting traditional TV. 

The representatives included Bernhard Mogk from eSports platform ESL, Koh Kim from mobile eSports live-streaming company Mobcrush, Peter Warman from gaming analysts...

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UK has a "poverty of ambition" when it comes to broadband, says IoD

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The UK government has set a national broadband speed target of 10Mbps by 2020, which it expects to exceed. Such a low figure is more than achievable, but a new report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) has called out the government for having a "poverty of ambition" when it comes to national broadband speed. 

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Ofcom won't split BT/Openreach, but it's split industry opinion

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Telecoms regulator Ofcom launched a review in March last year into whether BT and its Openreach network arm should be split-up due to rivals' claims the company has underinvested in the network – leading to poor speeds and reliability for those who pay to use it. 

Results of the investigation were posted today and Ofcom has...

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Interview: NETGEAR believes WiFi should dominate IoT standards

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During a NETGEAR-hosted event in London today, we caught-up with the networking giant’s VP of smart home products, Pat Collins, and discussed why the company is sticking to WiFi for its smart home products. 

There are many standards battling it out for the IoT such as; Zigbee, Weave, and Z-Wave. NETGEAR has its legacy in WiFi-based products, so we questioned if the company was...

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GSMA publishes IoT security guidelines – aims to boost growth

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The GSMA, an official body which represents telecom companies, has published guidelines today which aim to ensure the secure deployment of IoT services and devices. Developed in consultation with the mobile industry, ‘The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines’ will help to boost growth of this exciting sector. 

“As billions of devices become connected in the...

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Chiltern Railways and EE partner to improve WiFi experience

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We've all used our smartphones on the train, anxiously preparing to get disconnected soon as we hit a tunnel or get too far out from a major city. Whether for business or leisure, we've become increasingly reliant on a constant internet connection. Even a lot of popular games we use to help pass the time (or just avoid eye contact!) require an internet connection. 


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