O2 chief describes UK market as 'like Venezuela' ahead of expected Three merger rejection

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The ongoing saga over Three UK's bid to merge its operations with O2 should reach a conclusion next week, following an expected rejection from the European Commission. O2's chief executive, Ronan Dunne, has given strong criticism about UK regulators and compared the market as 'like Venezuela' when it comes to spectrum ownership. 

Dunne's comments...

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Telstra delivers on its promise ahead of schedule – opens 4G network to MVNOs

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Last year, Australian telecommunications giant Telstra promised to open its 4G network to MVNOs as of June 2016. In a refreshing outcome, the company has delivered on its promise ahead of schedule. 

Telstra's 4G network reaches 92 percent of the Australian...

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Opinion: It’s not just a phone any more

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Referring to the device in our pocket as a “phone” has become hilariously anachronistic. Like the “save” icon represented by a floppy disc, the term “telephone” has come a long way from its first iteration. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, we use our mobile phones for far more than simply making calls. They’ve become a social device; a way to manage our lives...

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