Mobile money vision is clear, but getting there is still a challenge

By Angel Dobardziev, Practice Leader, Emerging Markets, Ovum

Ovum recently took part in the GSMA’s NFC & Mobile Money Summit, which addressed the development of mobile money services in both emerging and mature markets. We left the event with the impression that the telecoms industry has a shared vision of what successful mobile money services will look like and what user experience they will provide.

However, it is less clear how the industry will reach this vision, including how it will address...

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Wireless services still source of consumer anger, says regulator

A worrying trend from Canada, where consumer complaints go up 35% year on year: should this make service providers rethink their strategy?

A report from the Canadian Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) has revealed that, in the North American country, consumer complaints went up 35% in 2012, with wireless services being the biggest bugbear for the fourth year in a row.

10,838 complaints were lodged by the regulator, with 10,678 concluded. 7,221 of the issues derived from...

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Payleven gets approval from major card providers with Chip and PIN solution

payleven, the mobile payments solutions provider, has exclusively announced at Apps World a Chip and PIN technology which utilises Visa across Europe.

TelecomsTech caught up with Rafael Otero, CTO and managing director of payleven, at Apps World to discuss the technology and what it will mean for mobile payment trends.

One of the biggest barriers in utilising mobile payments relates to the bigger card providers, such as MasterCard and more prominently Visa, disallowing the technology.

However payleven’s...

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Make the Most of Your Brand: Monetising HTML5 with Carrier Billing

The value of mobile applications to brands is beyond question – in fact, it is almost something of a shock when a major marque doesn’t have one. Companies see apps as a means of building stronger, closer relationships with their customers, augmenting their existing marketing efforts.

In HTML5 we have the next generation of apps. At present, should a company wish to release an app they are required to use an app store provider and subsequently have to adhere to certain criteria and rules...

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Virtual Wallet: Changing the Way Consumers Purchase Goods

Soon, using anything other than a mobile device to make a purchase may be comparable to watching a film on VHS or listening to music on a cassette tape -- a thing of the past. The future of mobile payment systems is changing the way consumers purchase goods and services. In 2011, companies like Google, ISIS, Square and PayPal laid the groundwork for mobile payments, creating global partnerships and establishing baseline technologies. Now, “mobile payments” has become a buzz phrase for 2012 and continues to grow in popularity. According to new data from

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What Are Retailers' Top NFC Mobile Payment Questions?

At Software Advice, we hear from a lot of retailers that are curious and sometimes confused about mobile payments. That’s to be understood--the market is extremely fragmented and while evangelists have built up the technology, little has happened in terms of adoption.In addition to the lack of mobile payments-capable handsets, another barrier to adoption is that there isn’t a need for consumers to be excited about mobile payments. Most retailers don’t accept it, anyways. Retailers can be a leader in changing consumers’ adoption by better understanding the technology--and learning if they can, in fact, already process the payments today. To help educate retailers, here are our answers to some of the top questions we hear.

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Telefonica to test mobile wallet system in Europe

Blackberry maker RIM has announced that it will partner with Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica to trial NFC mobile wallet technology in Europe.

While the technology is already widely used in Asia, adoption of NFC payments has been sluggish in the West while the industry struggled to unravel the competing interests of the many different players involved in the market; though recently, some of the key players have begun to make strides into the space.

RIM’s announcement this week that it was partnering...

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eBay calls for Government support in m-commerce has submitted a ‘Mobile Manifesto’ to UK Government, in order to help support and improve the mobile economy, after research found that some consumers are frustrated over mobile internet speeds.

The online sales giant held discussions with retailers, network operators, industry bodies and consumer groups to address the...

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U.S. Mobile Banking Service App Use is Increasing

comScore released an analysis of mobile financial services usage showing that 32.5 million Americans accessed mobile banking information on their devices at the end of Q2 2011 in June -- representing 13.9 percent of all mobile users. The study also revealed that 12.7 million mobile users reported using banking applications (apps), showing a notable increase of 45 percent from Q4 2010. “The investments in mobile made by financial services institutions, along with the continued growth in smartphone adoption, have had a truly positive effect on the use of mobile financial...

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