Mobile banking users will exceed 1 billion by 2017

According to the latest market study by Juniper Research, a growing user acceptance of push mobile banking and a sharp rise in media tablet adoption will drive users of transactional mobile banking services to almost 200 million in 2017. The tablet user base will represent approximately 19 percent of total mobile banking customers in 2017, compared to 9 percent this year -- as consumers engage in increasingly mobile lifestyles. The study found that adoption of bill presentment and payment (MBPP) transactional banking by tablet users will be higher than mobile phone users, especially in developed areas where there is a higher adoption of tablet devices. Juniper also...

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Mobile operators, OTT, and revenues: What lies ahead?

At Mobile World Congress 2013, I attended a distinguished panel about The Future of Communications, showing that in today’s communications, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what’s lying ahead.

René Oberman (CEO, Deutsche Telekom) talked about how outstanding LTE technology is in terms of the quality of its data delivery. But he also noted that while operators invest in technology and quality of delivery, OTTs are riding on that investment for free. Deutsche Telekom's network has experienced...

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Consumer willingness to purchase on smartphones goes up and up

A new report from performance marketers Intela has revealed that more than two in five UK smartphone users said they were more likely to purchase goods over mobile than this time last year.

Nearly one in two US consumers (44%) agreed that they were more likely to buy through mobile this year than compared to 2012.

The Intela Mobile Consumer Report 2013 found that m-commerce trends were on the increase, however overall m-commerce promotions fail to influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Half of UK smartphone...

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Emerging markets call for mobile services from brands and operators

Marco Veremis, CEO of Upstream, reveals the advantages of looking to new markets for app developers and mobile services providers.

Mobile has been the hot topic for quite some years now especially with the smartphone revolution and constant developments from apps to mPayments.

But have we in the West reached that mobile milestone where the advancements and the monetisation opportunities have started to slow because consumers are nearly at saturation point?

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Who is going to win the digital wallet war?

Two studies have been recently released concerning the digital and mobile wallet space, with contrasting results

PayPal’s winning this battle, but Google’s going to win the war. That’s according to two contrasting pieces of research published earlier this month concerning digital and mobile wallets.

comScore’s latest Digital Wallet Road Map has shown that whilst plenty of users are aware of Google Wallet, PayPal is blazing a clear trail in terms of digital wallet use.

PayPal is the...

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The SME opportunity: Bill shock and customer data

You might have heard about a story appearing in the press recently, which reported that a UK customer was hit with two bills which amounted to a staggering £19,000.

While originally intent on the bill being paid, it later emerged the cost was a result of a fault with the customer's device, which was (unexpectedly) sending and receiving vast amounts of data, and the bill was ultimately waived. In a similar gaffe in October 2012, a French telephone user was sent a bill for 12 quadrillion Euros (yes,...

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Operators: Learning from the past for 4G success

After going live across 11 major cities in the UK, 4G has had its fair share of praise and criticism. It undoubtedly brings with it the promise of increased demand for faster downloads and seamless streaming services, but that's kind of missing the point.

What do operators need to consider building the right 4G propositions and delivering them smoothly? Are there relevant learnings from the previous move from 2.5G to 3G?

With Everything Everywhere’s competitors getting ready to launch their respective...

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Big brands are on MVNO alert in China

By Carrie Pawsey, Senior Analyst, Telco StrategyThe Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT) recently announced that it has opened a consultation period to gauge whether mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) should be allowed into the Chinese market. It has proposed a two-year trial period in which the three mobile operators have to take on at least two MVNOs each. The consultation period is 30 days and closes on February 6, 2012. The MITT hopes that the existence of MVNOs will increase...

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How can outsourced integrated business support systems help MVNOs?

It's fair to say that, since their deployment in the early 1990s, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have proven to be a real revenue-generating asset in the communications marketplace.

Overall interest in the MVNO business model has fluctuated in recent years, and quite recently we've seen a vast upsurge in interest. This interest has extended across a wide range of services; the rise of data MVNOs for services such as machine-to-machine (M2M), as...

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Mobile wallet “most appealing” future concept, says IAB

Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) conducted by Crowd DNA has revealed that the mobile wallet is the concept consumers are looking forward to most.

The research, which covered 3200 smartphone users in the UK, USA and South Korea, saw that mobile wallet and mobile payments was the most appealing future concept for 74% of respondents “assuming the scenarios were possible”.

The next best popular concepts for consumers were mobile and tablet-optimised websites (69%) and ‘the...

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