Pay-TV providers seeking to regain lost momentum

By 2017, two billion mobile phone and media tablet users will watch TV and video on their devices, according to the latest market study by Juniper Research. This phenomenon is attributed to the growing popularity of short and easily shared video clips, and the increased global uptake of connected mobile devices with faster processors and better displays. Juniper examined how mobile is increasingly being used as the primary screen for consuming TV and video content among younger demographics, and the seamless integration of streaming services with social networks. They observed that sharing content...

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Five ways to reach all mobile internet user segments

The big greenfield global growth opportunities for internet access are in the emerging markets, where mobile broadband access will likely dominate new internet user adoption. Targeted pricing, adapted to the needs of user segments, is the proven way to maximize market development. ABI Research’s latest mobile Internet pricing tracker reinforces the notion that there are essentially five mobile Internet pricing models in operation:
  • The Tiered Usage Pricing Plan
  • The All You Can Eat Data Plan
  • The Unlimited Plan with Speed Restriction
  • The Data Surfing Time Plan
  • And, the Multi-device Shared Plan

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How clued up are consumers on smart meters? [infographic]

For the utilities sector, smart metering is a hugely important step to inform consumers of where their money is going – especially with continually rising bill prices – as well as saving energy overall.

And in terms of the ever-growing Internet of Things, the smart meter is seen as the first step to creating the smart home.

In the UK, smart metering has been a major issue of late. Earlier this month it was announced by the government that the rollout of smart meters to 30 million UK homes is to be...

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4G LTE revenue will reach $340 billion in 2017

According to the latest market study by Juniper Research, the cumulative 4G LTE mobile broadband service revenues over the next five years will account for over $1 trillion. That growth represents 17 percent of the cumulative global operator billed service revenue from all mobile services. 4G LTE revenues are set to grow rapidly and will reach more than $340 billion globally in 2017, reflecting the continued success of LTE in serving higher value mobile network subscribers. The demand for high bandwidth wireless broadband services from end users and the availability of Wi-Fi on most mobile devices...

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Virtual Coins – what will this mean for the payments space?

Forget £, $, €, or the whole host of other international currencies, the new kid on the block is virtual currencies; which live on the web and in our virtual wallets.

The latest to launch is Amazon Coins; used for app, game, and in-app purchases on Amazon’s app store.


But what are the advantages over standard currency? The main benefit for consumers is discounts. 100 “coins” on Amazon is equivalent to $1, whereas 500 will cost $4.80 (a 4% saving) with more gift cards...

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There will be no big bang for mobile payments

Gilles Ubaghs, Senior Analyst, Financial Services TechnologyThe mobile payments market has long been gestating in developed markets, and is now finally starting to gain momentum in terms of product launches and levels of investment from significant players across the financial services, IT, and telco markets. However, it is clear that the market is unlikely to reach a big bang moment, and will instead continue to evolve on several fronts at once. What this also means, however, is that market entrants must think beyond existing...

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Does free mobile messaging mean goodbye SMS?

Receiving your very first SMS – at the time it seemed such a marvel of modern technology. These days it’s something we take for granted as ever more advanced features are released for our daily use, but is the era of SMS over?

For the first time, free messaging apps have taken over the now dated SMS system many of us have been familiar with for over 15 years, helping to keep us all more connected.

A study from Informa has revealed the extent of this shift. According to the research firm almost 19...

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PayPal and LG intertwine on Smart TV solution

It’s an interesting combination; a payment solution within your smart TV. Yet, for South Korean manufacturer LG and payments facilitator PayPal, it has only come to fruition this week. So is this a match made in heaven?

The latest feature is available on 2013 LG Smart TVs in Canada, the United Kingdom and United States, with Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Italy anticipating a rollout starting this month.

With the two companies in conjunction, paying for premium TV content will in theory become a...

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How are US citizens using mobiles for financial services?

The majority of US citizens aren’t using mobile banking services because they simply don’t need it, and their banking needs were being adequately met without the use of mobile banking.

That’s the big takeaway from the Federal Reserve (FRB), who has brought out a mammoth 79-page document on how consumers interact with mobile financial services and found that the use of mobiles to access bank accounts and credit cards went up in the United States last year.

But 54% of those surveyed felt they...

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