Facebook prepares a mobile payments push

Eden Zoller, Principal Analyst, Consumer

Facebook is quietly testing a new mobile feature that will provide users with a one-click payment service for mobile shopping applications. This makes sense, given the growth in mobile payment revenues, the size of Facebook’s mobile base, and the importance of mobile advertising to the social network. The user transaction data generated by Facebook’s mobile payment feature will be invaluable for advertising, and will be used to bolster revenues on this...

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Bitcoin recognised as “unit of account” in Germany

In terms of mobile payments and a ‘cashless society’, the technology has always been there; it’s always been a matter of red tape and implementation which has been the issue.

Now, Germany’s ministry of finance has potentially pushed the divisive Bitcoin technology one step closer by recognising it as a “unit of account”. In other words, it can be used privately, meaning it is a taxable subsidy.

The ruling has come in response to a parliamentary enquiry from the Federal...

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15 reasons why Bitcoins are better than gold

Technology is literally at the point where it is disrupting almost everything and this week has been a prime example of this trend. On the one hand Google co-founder Sergey Brin was revealed as the investor behind growing synthetic meat in a lab in order to disrupt the cattle business and Elon Musk proved he can disrupt the auto market with his successful launch of...

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Latest ruling clears the way for Bitcoin regulation

Thumbnail image for sack-of-money.jpgAll it took was one bad actor. BTCST was a Bitcoin-based hedge fund which turns out to be more Ponzi scheme than investment vehicle. Investors collectively lost 263,104 Bitcoin in principal, that is $1,834,303 based on the daily average price of Bitcoin when they purchased their BTCST investments, or in excess of $23 million based on...

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Examining the upside opportunities in the mobile payments market

The mobile payments market has long been an attractive opportunity, and mobile service providers have been facilitating payments for content services for many years. Mobile payment services such as ticketing and contactless payments have been available in some markets since the late 1990s or early 2000s. More advanced m-payments services - typically targeting customers in the developed world - such as m-wallet and associated value-added services, can generate significant revenue for mobile network operators in...

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Smart metering – a new security consideration for service providers

Last month saw the UK Department for Environment and Climate Change (DECC) outline its plans for the installation of smart meters across the UK, gearing up to ensure it is on course for the scheduled 2014 mass roll out.

Despite the obvious benefits that this implementation of smart metering will bring, such large-scale operations are bound to come with major security management challenges.

The prime issue is how to secure digital communications between smart metering systems and utility service providers....

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Service providers make Big Data the weapon in fight for customers

Over the last few years mobile operators have had to become experts in building networks that can handle extreme levels of traffic, an especially difficult task as subscribers are constantly changing devices, downloading applications and finding new ways to communicate. Instead of just transporting data, operators today are realising they can profit from it.

In order to deliver an all-round quality experience, networks must draw out information from every device, application, service and network element a...

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Are models such as Spotify’s and Netflix’s viable for creators?

Almost a week ago, Thom Yorke – lead singer of Radiohead – pulled his music from Spotify in a protest about how much the music-streaming service pays artists (conveniently launching a service “mere days” after.)

But let’s play a quick game, try and guess the answer. Do creators get paid less for having their work on platforms...

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China leads M2M growth, IPTV subscriber market (and global cybersecurity fears)

Despite growing cybersecurity concerns regarding China; the country can’t be stopped in terms of pushing technological boundaries – leading both global M2M growth and IPTV subscribers.

Throughout the second half of 2012, the number of cellular Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications increased nearly 5.5 million. To put this in perspective; that’s the same amount as the UK had in total by the end of last year.

This places...

Taking a look at how 4G changes the mobile landscape

Most of us have come to terms that 4G will be making some big changes to our lives and how we access data services on the move, but are you aware of the impact it will have on the competitive landscape?

A report by independent research firm Yankee Group investigates just that.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) have been fighting to release their services as quick as possible, whilst offering the fastest and most reliable service. Although this certainly helps to gain an advantage, it’s not the only way to...

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