SAS aims to paint a clearer analytics picture

Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Information Management

SAS’s data visualization solution Visual Analytics took center stage at SAS’s recent analyst summit in Colorado. With Visual Analytics, SAS is striving to stay competitive in a market that wants fast yet intuitive front-end products that can help non-technical business users make better-informed decisions. But it is an increasingly crowded space that presents both opportunities and challenges for SAS, which has traditionally catered to highly...

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The Oracle juggernaut keeps rolling, picks up Tekelec

Dana Cooperson, Practice Leader, Network InfrastructureCommunications service providers (CSPs) are simultaneously looking for ways to improve service efficiency and customer experience while opening new revenue veins through mining of network assets. These efforts are particularly crucial in spectrum-constrained mobile networks. Oracle’s pending acquisition of Tekelec furthers its ambitions to provide leadership and a one-stop shop for CSPs looking to build more efficient, intelligent networks while tapping new revenue sources. CSPs...

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Oracle snaps up Tekelec in an enhanced telecoms play

Larry Ellison’s company may be best known for its cloud portfolio, but Oracle has recently been looking to make a serious push towards telecoms, enhanced by the acquisition of Tekelec announced yesterday.

Tekelec, formed in 1971, is used by over 300 service providers worldwide and deals in network signalling, policy control and subscriber data management, giving providers the opportunity to monetise cloud, OTT and personalised services with the huge increase in data traffic.

This appears to fit right into the Silicon...

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Skype in trouble with France over not declaring operator status

The French telecommunciations regulator ARCEP (Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes) has informed the Paris public prosecutor that Skype has not registered itself as a telco, as per its obligation.

According to ARCEP, the Luxembourg-based video call service will be committing a felony, but only by not declaring itself, in line with Article L. 33-1 of the French Postal and Electronic Communications Code.

ARCEP states that Skype falls into the telco category...

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Cellebrite introduces diagnostics tool designed to cut down phone repairs

Mobile forensics and data transfer provider Cellebrite has launched a multi-channel diagnostics tool, claimed to be the first in the wireless retail industry.

Debuted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Cellebrite estimates that the tool will reduce the overall process of phone repairs and returns by up to 60%.

The solution systematically goes through all potential faultlines in a phone, including CPU and RAM performance, storage, memory and network capability. It also comes in an app format, though...

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5 ways to quench the mobile internet thirst

Increasing demand requires greater efficiency

Mobile Internet is EVERYWHERE. When we are not accessing it in public via cellular 4G LTE, we are using our mobile devices to surf on corporate Wi-Fi networks. But access is not always fair. Sometimes, we just want to quickly check our mails. Or launch a corporate app. And yet, we have to struggle with poor response times because someone is streaming multimedia. It is analogous to being unable to slake a fierce thirst because the hose is being used to wash the family motor...

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Wrapping it up at #MWC2013: What is "optimal" service delivery?

I’ve been thinking about how to wrap up my experience at Mobile World Congress 2013. The more experienced editors and press professionals have already done that as they reviewed devices, apps, the cloud, LTE, and so many things that were discussed during this very special week. I was trying to see if I could learn from their style, but in the end, I’m staying true to my original intent which was to write about MWC from my own perspective and experience.

First, Team Allot was great. Everyone was doing his...

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How much will data users actually pay? It's personal...

I’d like to share what I think is one of the big topics being discussed at Mobile World Congress 2013 in the past few days. I participated in a seminar about "learning from consumer behaviour." It focused on trends that can be identified in the mobile communications world.  The general agreement was that the trends pose an opportunity and a threat at the same time.  Mobile networks are dealing daily with the explosion of smartphones and tablet users on their network.  In the mature markets, the...

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Ericsson furthers M2M and video commitment

Ericsson added to its flurry of recent announcements at this morning’s press conference at MWC 2013. Today’s announcements follow similar themes to the others (M2M and video) and fit neatly with Ericsson’s vision for the “networked society”. However, they are more than just theory or a new product, with Ericsson revealing that operators are already using the services. In the case of M2M, we question whether there could be greater opportunities...

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