Happy 10th birthday Skype: 3D video calls on the way

Skype turns 10 today, and, according to reports, is in the process of developing 3D video calls.

The news was confirmed by Microsoft’s corporate VP for Skype, Mark Gillett, in an interview with the BBC.

It’s potentially a very exciting development for the VoIP provider; however the prospect of sending ‘body doubles’ to meetings, as teased in a Microsoft job advert back in April, will not...

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Nginx’s first commercial release is a Plus

One of the world’s most popular web servers; used by heavyweights including Netflix, Hulu, Pinterest, AirBnB, WordPress.com, GitHub, SoundCloud, Zynga, Eventbrite and Zappos – has had a new release with commercial ambitions, under the guise of Nginx Plus.

Heading to market as an alternative to Application Delivery Controllers such as Citrix's; they are used to speed delivery of high traffic websites through load balancing and caching techniques.

"The features that have been added are very similar...

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Contract analysis reveals telcos’ push to become agile and relevant

Adaora Okeleke, Analyst, Telco Operations

Telcos are facing slower revenue growth, resulting in a slowdown in capital investment. The Ovum report Telco Purchasing Trends (the third annual report in a series previously titled What Did Telcos Buy From Their Suppliers?) demonstrates how telcos are responding to these trends, and provides suppliers with insights into current and future telco purchasing trends.

Our analysis shows that telcos are reacting to the fierce competition in the industry by taking a lean and agile approach to product...

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Examining the upside market opportunities for M2M connections

Machine to machine (M2M) applications growth continues on an upward trajectory. Cellular M2M connections are set to reach over 450 million by 2018, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. Europe dragged down worldwide connection growth in 2011 and 2012 to the high teens, but with improving world economics connection growth will accelerate to a CAGR of 26 percent through 2018. However, recent connection growth has come in the face of declining connection ARPUs. "The market for M2M connections can...

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For telcos, shared data plans are difficult to devise and market

Nicole McCormick, Senior Analyst, Industry, Communications, and Broadband

Numerous telcos are examining when and how to bring shared data plans to market. However, with the exception of consumers in the US, the notion of multiple subscribers sharing a single data allowance is completely alien to most mobile customers. In fact, the concept of sharing data either by the “connected person” or the “connected household” has even proven difficult to get across to some telco...

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How M2M will drive a more sustainable, connected society

By Matthew Key, CEO, Telefonica Digital

15 July 2013: By 2015 over six billion objects in the world will be connected to the internet. The explosion of M2M communications, creating what is known as the Internet of Things, is set to fundamentally transform almost every aspect of human society and disrupt every industry it touches.

We see it as the biggest growth opportunity in the market and aim for M2M to represent...

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Service providers make Big Data the weapon in fight for customers

Over the last few years mobile operators have had to become experts in building networks that can handle extreme levels of traffic, an especially difficult task as subscribers are constantly changing devices, downloading applications and finding new ways to communicate. Instead of just transporting data, operators today are realising they can profit from it.

In order to deliver an all-round quality experience, networks must draw out information from every device, application, service and network element a...

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M2M: The focus is still on people

The idea of machines speaking to machines makes some people worry that there is an impending machine age. In reality, “machine-to-machine communication” (M2M) is not science fiction, but science fact. And human beings are being anything but left out.

M2M is getting ever closer to users to improve their quality of life and there are a number of reasons for this: Firstly, networks have now become omnipresent: wireless Internet is being installed across large areas...

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Alcatel-Lucent gets the record for fastest undersea data transmission

Transoceanic data is a big business which may be about to be sped up thanks to a team’s research at Alcatel-Lucent’s campus near Paris, who have broke the world record for fastest undersea data transmission.

Researchers at the site from Bell Labs sent data at speeds of 31 Terabits-per-second (Tbps) along 7200km; three times faster than previous commercially-available cables.

This was achieved over a span of 100km (the distance between amplifiers.)

Philippe Keryer, Chief Strategy & Innovation...

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Heading to the EU? Your roaming bill has just been cut!

Last week, the EU Commission's VP Neelie Kroes promised charges for using your mobile whilst abroad (or “roaming”) will become significantly cheaper. Today the promise has been delivered with substantial cuts across the member states.

This will be a day of celebration for anyone who has ever been hit with expensive charges when away from home; whether on work, holiday, or calling friends/family living away.

Although prices are nowhere near the levels of my teen years (I’ll never forget that...

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