Why location intelligence is the secret weapon for telcos and mobile operators


The mobile and telecoms industries are experiencing seismic change. Alongside the dramatic rise in smartphone ownership, there has been major behavioural and cultural change in how we use our phones. We are less likely to use smartphones for voice, and more likely to use them for accessing the internet, viewing apps, listening to music, taking photos or playing games. In the 12 months to August 2015, our use of mobile devices to access the internet

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Opinion: The benefits of moving from NOC to SOC

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With the growth of MBB (Mobile Broadband) surpassing expectations, operators and CSPs (Communication Service Providers) are finding it tough to manage and ensure customer experience in real-time. People are using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, streaming videos, and opening multiple websites at the same time on their mobile phone, and often complaining...

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Riding on the crest of the big data wave

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Big data means many things to many people, but can commonly be defined by the three Vs: volume, variety and velocity. Today, it is not just greater volumes of data that are being created but also a rapidly expanding variety of data sources, and data is being created at ever faster velocity.

However, the synchronised...

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Natural conversation with Bing's search engine

Bing is a powerful product of Microsoft's. Many see it as the plucky David-like search engine behind the goliath known as Google, but it's much more than that, it's a machine-learning powerhouse which is constantly growing through 'Satori' to form a platform which is increasingly able to answer whatever you throw at it.

Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, is a consumer-facing example of this power. It is widely-regarded as the smartest AI available across smartphones and it is all...

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CSPs can convert insights to revenue in the big data age

By Gordon Rawling, Director of EMEA Marketing, Oracle Communications

Three UK recently revealed its plans to transition from a “pricing-led” to “customer enjoyment-led” business model, adding that as part of this shift it will offer new data analysis services to its corporate customers to help them address some of the questions they may have about their business. For example, they may want to know how much time their employees spend on their mobiles or what applications they prefer to...

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Bristol set to be the next Smart City with new "open data"

The city of Bristol has many iconic landmarks and is one of the most developed areas in the west of England. Despite this, it has historically been overlooked when it comes to the latest technological innovations in the face of cities such as Cardiff, Birmingham, and of course, London

In recent years, the city made its mark not just nationally, but even internationally through winning the European Green Capital award. It's an interesting award to win because if you live in the city - or have passed through it...

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Vodafone exposes government wire-tapping

We now know that no matter what technology we use, if it's connected, then it's probably able to be tapped by the government. NSA leaker and now fugitive/hero, Edward Snowden, revealed a torrential amount of details about the abilities of the United States spying program on international citizens.  

Few companies have come forward about their own involvement and the scale in which their networks and services have been compromised, we can only guess this is for fear of getting on the...

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Amdocs predicts the future and may change Smart Data's perception

Big Data has negative connotations attributed to it – particularly in regards to privacy. The term widely-used for it is often related to the mass collection and monetisation of data which was certainly not helped by the controversy surrounding the NSA's mass surveillance program. Companies fear sharing data seemingly as a result of how it can affect their image rather than how it can improve their services – whilst consumers worry about how their data is being used.

Smart Data, as many writers have started to...

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