YouView hits 400k – Android app, Internet channels on the way

YouView is a fairly new set-top box in the UK, established through partnership with all the major networks.

Despite this, CEO Richard Halton has announced the service has hit 400,000 users and that expansion to internet channels along with a new Android app is on the way.

The TV service is provided through a collaboration between broadcasting heavyweights; BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Alongside these, other partners include BT, TalkTalk, and Arqiva, so needless to say YouView has the backing for...

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Impacts of convergence on the enterprise app store

Converging roadsWelcome to the Partnerpedia Thought Leadership series on Enterprise Mobility. Today we are focusing on “Impacts of Application Convergence on the Enterprise App Store”, and my guest is Sam Liu, Partnerpedia’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. Sam brings ton of experience in the enterprise space and on this subject matter. Welcome Sam and thank you for...

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What are the effects for telecoms after Facebook goes ‘home’?

Facebook has this week launched ‘Home’, software running on Android which turns a user’s phone lock screen into a news feed and a user interface for the social giant. But how does this align with other Facebook strategy, and what are the wider implications for the telecoms industry?

The new Facebook skin for Android launched yesterday, called Home, is arguably the most ambitious mobile play from the social giant so far.

Home is a combination of Facebook apps and ‘takes over’ the...

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Smartphone and tablet apps revenue to reach $92 billion

Media tablet apps will generate $8.8 billion in revenue in 2013, compared to the $16.4 billion expected from smartphone apps, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. Of the combined $25 billion applications revenue, 65 percent will come from Apple’s iOS ecosystem, 27 percent from Google’s Android, and the remaining 8 percent from the other mobile device platforms. As part of a main trend, media tablet apps will steadily increase their share of the market over the coming years. ...

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Global app revenues to reach $20.4 billion in 2013

According to the latest market study by Portio Research, the mobile apps business has matured. The worldwide apps market generated an impressive $12 billion in 2012, and in total 46 billion apps were downloaded in the year. That is certainly an indication of a market in rapid growth. Just consider that the all-time cumulative total number of downloads stood at 37 billion at the end of 2011, but reached 83 billion by the end of 2012 -- more than...

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Wrapping it up at #MWC2013: What is "optimal" service delivery?

I’ve been thinking about how to wrap up my experience at Mobile World Congress 2013. The more experienced editors and press professionals have already done that as they reviewed devices, apps, the cloud, LTE, and so many things that were discussed during this very special week. I was trying to see if I could learn from their style, but in the end, I’m staying true to my original intent which was to write about MWC from my own perspective and experience.

First, Team Allot was great. Everyone was doing his...

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Emerging markets call for mobile services from brands and operators

Marco Veremis, CEO of Upstream, reveals the advantages of looking to new markets for app developers and mobile services providers.

Mobile has been the hot topic for quite some years now especially with the smartphone revolution and constant developments from apps to mPayments.

But have we in the West reached that mobile milestone where the advancements and the monetisation opportunities have started to slow because consumers are nearly at saturation point?

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Japanese operators gamble on iOS and Android #AppsWorld

The US dropped to second place in terms of app revenue generation last year for the first time ever, supplanted by the new dominant player whose smartphone market is beginning to snowball, Japan.

Mobile app intelligence and metrics tracking firm App Annie has released a detailed breakdown of the the complex Japanese market, detailing the precarious stance this smartphone onslaught has forced domestic carriers to adopt.

Smartphone uptake among the Islands’ population progressed at a leisurely pace until...

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Mobilisation strategy advice for airports and national infrastructure - #AppsWorld

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is the managing organisation for the sixth largest airport in the world, serving 62 million passengers a year, and faces a raft of new security threats from connected mobile devices.

In this dynamic environment, LAWA CIO Dominic Nessi is right at the heart of things. We caught up with him ahead of his appearance at Apps World in San Francisco to try and get a sense of his role and the challenges he faces.

“Mobile devices are the new frontier for cyber security...

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Dateline 2013: Samsung and Apple battle escalates

Expect to see more stories about the apparent winners and losers within the consumer electronics (CE) marketplace in 2013. Announcements at the upcoming 2013 CES in Las Vegas will perpetuate the advance of a few market leaders, while also highlighting the ongoing decline of numerous companies that missed the market transition to a new era. According to the latest market study by International Data Corporation (IDC), the worldwide smart connected device market -- a collective view of PCs,...

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