Deutsche Telekom eyes ‘internet of things’ with new M2M portal

Deutsche Telekom has positioned itself as a potential M2M leader in the continuing development of the ‘internet of things’, opening a new developer community platform for M2M communications.

The new community, part of the company’s existing Developer Garden initiative, offers a number of useful tools including, APIs and software development kits (SDKs), which it says will ‘quickly and easily’ allow...

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Does latest Juniper research show a watershed for NFC?

A report from Juniper Research has revealed that the mobile payments and NFC market will exponentially increase and eventually exceed $180bn in five years’ time – a sevenfold increase over this year.

Just over a third of that figure (35%) will be generated by Western Europe, with North America (30%) and the Far East and China (26%) trailing behind.

To put it into context, Juniper forecasts one in four people from Western Europe and the United...

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What Apple needs to do to stay ahead

Jan Dawson,Chief Telecoms Analyst, Ovum

Ovum’s new Apple Smart Device Vendor Profile assesses Apple’s position in the smart device vendor market and offers some recommendations for Apple.

In the TV space, Apple needs to create a subscription model for content to complement its per-show purchase model and create a more compelling offering, and it also needs to create an App Store and SDK for the Apple TV to drive innovation on that platform.

It needs to evolve the UI...

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Foxtel brings IPTV service with Accedo app

Accedo, the Smart TV and IPTV enabler, has been in partnership with media group Foxtel to provide a Smart TV service to Australian customers.

The internet TV solution promised by Foxtel allows users with Samsung Smart TVs to enjoy their services with no installation, contract or set-top box.

The move is being brought about in conjunction with the London Olympics, with Foxtel’s eight dedicated Olympics channels being freely streamed to those with a 2.0Mb/s internet connection.


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Why iOS 6 offers lots for consumers, little for business IT

By Richard Absalom, Analyst,Consumer Impact IT, Ovum


Following on from Apple’s unveiling on June 11 of the latest iteration of its iPhone operating system, iOS 6, Ovum has been examining what this means for IT departments aiming to manage iOS usage in the enterprise.

Further details will be forthcoming and the world’s MDM vendors will be working with the developer release of iOS 6 to ensure that they are able to support it as...

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How do people really use their phones? [infographic]

In the increasingly post-PC era, it’s easy to forget the safety concerns attached to mobile phone usage.

As a result there are app makers such as Tawkon for Android which, according to its mission statement, “empowers cell phone users to live a healthy lifestyle”.  

Tawkon collects internal information about a phone’s radiation output, and utilises its own technology to analyse the user’s exposure, called a...

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Microsoft snaps up cloud collaboration tool Yammer

Microsoft has further vindicated the idea of online social networking as a business tool by purchasing the enterprise collaboration firm Yammer for an estimated $1.2bn.

Yammer, which has often been called the ‘Facebook of business’, claims to bring “the power of social networking to the enterprise”. It allows co-workers to communicate and share information almost instantaneously using Facebook-style newsfeeds.

The move comes as Microsoft tries to expand upon its complementary cloud...

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Google Apps for Business clears ISO security audit

Google Apps for Business has cleared a key security hurdle by achieving ISO 27001 certification, which it hopes will persuade large businesses that it’s safe to move crucial data and processes to its cloud.

The award was announced on Google’s blog this week by Eran Feigenbaum, Google’s enterprise director of security.

Instead of being a barrier, security is now becoming a reason that businesses switch to the cloud, he wrote. “The reason for this shift is that businesses are beginning...

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