Mobile service providers invest in LTE infrastructure

The spending on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network base stations will reach $12.3 billion in 2013, as service providers around the world update their infrastructure to fourth-generation wireless technology. Membership is not exclusive to the developed economies as emerging markets close the digital divide by aggressive network roll-out. Some of these emerging market LTE deployments are government-sponsored initiatives, as in Rwanda, while others are private ventures, as in Sri Lanka. 4G LTE has helped...

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‘White space’ devices are on the way, says Ofcom

Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator of the United Kingdom, has called for a pilot of an innovative new batch of “white space” devices utilising gaps in the radio spectrum.

The plan is to use white space in order to test broadcasts which will not interfere with any current spectrum. This will be enforced by broadcasters only being allowed to utilise where the spaces are, and the power levels they are restricted to on a dedicated website updated by Ofcom.

The scheme will initially launch in the autumn...

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Why service providers want OTN in metro networks

My conversations with service providers lead me to believe that OTN switching technology will begin increasing in metro network deployments, in order to further transport efficiency. In fact, we’re testing our new OTN upgrade for the Tellabs 7100 series in customer labs today.

Two key trends are paving the ways for OTN switching in metro networks:

  • Wireline, wireless, video, and data center traffic is growing in metro networks.
  • Enterprise are adopting gigabit services and beyond. 
  • To virtually...

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    Exploring automotive telematics and in-vehicle infotainment

    The two main silos in the telematics industry -- consumer automotive and commercial telematics -- remain the most active areas within the broader M2M (machine to machine) mobile communications industry. Advancements in entertainment head-units and higher smartphone penetration will result in software App capability reaching a fifth of all consumer vehicles in the developed markets of North America and Western Europe by 2017. According to the findings from the latest market study by Juniper Research, the success of new standards -- such as MirrorLink -- will be instrumental in creating the foundations for the connected car ecosystem to flourish. ...

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    T-City Friedrichshafen: How Deutsche Telekom is learning how to build a smart grid

    By Alaa Owaineh, Senior Analyst, Energy & Sustainability Technology

    The world is increasingly urban, and cities are an important part of any strategy to build smarter, more sustainable energy systems. Since 2007, the city of Friedrichshafen in Southern Germany has been the site of the T-City project, funded by Deutsche Telekom (DT). The project is an experiment in creating a smarter city, and has allowed DT to evaluate a number of innovative technologies in practice, including smart homes and a...

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    Where are the opportunities in the LATAM connected car market?

    By Susan Kuchinskas

    Government legislation is at the top of the list of influences on Latin American markets, according to Scott Sedlik, vice president of marketing for INRIX. CONTRAN 245 is Brazil's legislation requiring all new vehicles to be equipped with tracking modules; it's in the early stages of implementation and will benefit hardware manufacturers.

    One differentiator in Latin America is that most vehicles are sold without installed infotainment systems; in many cases, without even radios,...

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