AT&T is fined for not having an unobtainable licence

FCC action follows interference to airport weather radar.

The FCC has confirmed a fine of $25,000 against AT&T for operating a Wi-Fi-type device that caused interference to a weather radar at a Puerto Rico airport. 

Yes, it appears that AT&T slipped up. But we think the FCC fined it for the wrong offence.

The problem stems – as do many FCC...

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Nano-sim decision argy-bargy delays crucial vote

The decision over the next standard for mobile sim cards has become bogged down in a spat over patents.

Nokia, Motorola and RIM are locked in a pitch battle with Apple over rival proposed formats for the new nano-sim standard.

Nokia, which is strongly pushing its own design, has threatened to withhold crucial patents relating to communication and processing in mobile devices if Apple’s proposed design is chosen.

Earlier this week, RIM accused Apple of attempting to influence the vote, claiming that...

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Feathers fly over Ofcom's Everything Everywhere LTE deal

Feathers are flying again over the forthcoming divvy-up of UK LTE bandwidth, with Vodafone accusing the UK regulator Ofcom of “taking leave of its senses”, for allowing Everything Everywhere to use existing spectrum to run 4G services.

Everything Everywhere is a joint venture involving T-Mobile and Orange. Last week Ofcom announced that it would allow the companies to operate LTE services over the 1,800MHz band previously used by 2G mobile...

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SOPA under fire from all sides

Wikipedia, the world’s fifth most visited website, has today replaced its English language pages with a holding page in protest against controversial anti piracy legislation currently making its way through the US Congress.

For 24 hours, Wickipedia’s global English-language pages have been replaced by a landing page explaining the issues surrounding the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). If passed, the legislation could “fatally damage the free...

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Copyright Office: Making a List, Checking It Twice

CO seeks comments on latest “specialty station” list

Like Santa Claus, Oskar Schindler, David Letterman and Joe McCarthy, the Copyright Office (CO) has a list. The CO’s list consists of TV stations which claim to be “specialty” stations, a desirable status for some in the copyright world (more on that below). The CO is in the process of updating its list, and

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Microsoft's patent arsenal nets it millions from Android and Chrome ODMs

Microsoft says it has over half of the global Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) for Android and Chrome smartphones, tablets and other devices under license following a recent deal with one of the largest contract electronics producers in the world.

Microsoft has the ability to defend around 78,555 patents and collects millions of dollars in licenses from ODMs serving seven major mobile organisations.

Following a recent deal with the Taiwanese firm Compal Electronics, the tech giant now has more than half...

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