Ericsson launches ‘first mover’ 5G platform and announces milestone

Picture credit: Ericsson

Swedish telco giant Ericsson has announced the launch of a new platform aimed at the ‘first movers’ in 5G, incorporating virtual and augmented reality.

The company expects the opportunity for operators on 5G technology to hit $582 billion (£467bn) globally by 2026, or a 34% uptick in revenues, while adding that the manufacturing, energy and utilities sectors have the biggest potential for growth going forward.

The platform comprises the 5G core, radio and transport...

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Telcos keen to utilise emerging tech – but it’s a struggle to get there


It’s a theme which is as old as the hills. Can telcos, not traditionally renowned for their speed and flexibility, keep up with new and innovative technologies? According to a new piece of research from KPMG, the answer is: sort of.

The study, which polled 580 senior executives across 16 countries, found that for telcos who have been proactive in adopting new technologies, more than half (58%) have seen a positive impact on their business operations. Yet just over one in 10...

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Ericsson launches verified NFV infrastructure services

Picture credit: Ericsson

Ericsson has announced the launch of its verified network functions virtualisation (NFV) solution, known as NFVi, which supports software defined infrastructure, as well as helps provide the building blocks for 5G and IoT infrastructure.

The move will align with various aspects of Ericsson’s current service portfolio, including its hyperscale data centre system, cloud SDN as well as its Cloud Execution Environment and Cloud Manager, as well as other consulting, system...

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How telecoms applications can become ‘ripe for innovation’ through blockchain


Analysis Telecoms providers continue to be kept on their toes by the emergence of new technologies, from cloud to IoT. The allure of blockchain, and a secure, distributed ledger, is causing ripples in industries outside of the traditional financial services hotbed. So how can telcos take advantage?

The answer, so far, comes through identity, data integrity, and disintermediation.

Writing on...

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Telstra acquires app development firm Readify – a sign of things to come?

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Australian telco Telstra has announced the acquisition of enterprise application development platform provider Readify in order to “drive digital transformation for enterprise customers in domestic and global markets,” according to a press release.

Readify, which employs approximately 200 staff across Australia, offers a wide variety of services across the enterprise and mobile stacks. The company has a distinctive Microsoft beat, with support not only for Azure cloud,...

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The ‘softwarisation’ of telecoms and the democratisation of data: Outlook for 2016


As the first working week of 2016 draws to a close, and everybody is just about getting their feet under the table for a new year, here is an expert look at what this year will bring in the telecoms space. Which ones do you agree with, and which ones do you think are wide of the mark?

“There will be merging between wholesale telecoms providers and data centre hosting” – Antonio Manzalini, senior manager innovation, Telecom Italia, chair, IEEE Software Defined Networks...

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Intel goes for 5G and IoT in latest strategic play


Intel has elaborated on its plans to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G in its future roadmap – ‘from device to data centre’.

At its recent Intel Developer Forum (IDF), the tech giant announced it would collaborate with equipment and device manufacturers NTT DOCOMO, Nokia, and SK Telecom, alongside academic institutions to “accelerate 5G standards development and solve key technical challenges.” With this in mind Intel also announced the...

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The 5G puzzle for operators: Asia most likely to lead way on deployment


Mobile operators expect Asia to lead the development and deployment of 5G technologies, according to research from InterDigital.

The operator community as a whole expects Asia (71%) to lead development and deployment of 5G, ahead of North America (52%) and Europe (45%), although operators in North America were more likely to think they would lead the charge. Telcos in Asia are already putting forward their proposals; Japanese operator DoCoMo says it will launch a first release of 5G to...

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Luxembourg becomes latest country to roll out SIGFOX nationwide IoT network


Global connectivity provider SIGFOX, in conjunction with partners POST Luxembourg and, has announced Luxembourg is the eighth country to deploy its nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network.

The Benelux nation, with a population of just over 500,000, follows Portugal, Belgium and Denmark, where plans were announced earlier this year. The network already operates in France, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

SIGFOX claims its ultra narrow band (UNB) technology, alongside...

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T-Mobile pushes free calls to Mexico and Canada from US, adds 2.1m customers in quarter

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Updated T-Mobile US has announced the latest of its moves towards upstaging the mobile industry by offering free calls from the US to Mexico and Canada.

The move, named ‘Mobile Without Borders’, comes alongside the announcement of 2.1 million total net customer additions in the second quarter of 2015, making it the ninth consecutive quarter of more than 1 million customer gains.

It’s not the first time this type of deal has been attempted – AT&T earlier this...

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Bolivia: The new darling of Latin American telecoms?


Bolivia has traditionally been one of the smallest telecoms markets in Latin America (LATAM). Yet a new report from Pyramid Research argues that it will become the fastest growing in the LATAM market.

The report, entitled ‘Bolivia: DTH Launches And Fiber-Optic Backbone Rollout to Drive Video and Data Services’, argues the Bolivian telecoms market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.8% between 2014 and 2019, driven in the main by broadband internet and pay...

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How Uber uses Twilio to define the ‘digital layer’ and redefine telecoms


If you’ve been on one of the main social networks in the past few days, there’s a fair chance you’ll have seen this quote knocking around, originally from a TechCrunch article. “[In 2015] Uber, the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles, Facebook the world’s most popular media owner creates no content, Alibaba, the most valuable retailer has no inventory and Airbnb the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate,” it...

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YouTube borked for some Virgin Media users again, company stresses patience

Users of Virgin Media broadband have again been frustrated over the weekend as certain YouTube videos either buffer indefinitely or don’t begin to load at all.

According to users on the Virgin Media community forum, the problem also extends to the Google Play store, indicating an issue between Virgin and Google.

“It has been five days now, it’s becoming a joke”, wrote one commenter on the Virgin community forum. “I think I’m going to have to start looking into alternative...

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Global Wireless Solutions pushes out UK Android testing app for operators

Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) has announced the launch of its benchmark testing app in the UK. The app, which is only available on Android devices for now, is designed for mobile operators, device manufacturers, regulators and engineers.

The app aims to be a product which is the most comprehensive in its class, aiming to “systematically measure the real-time performance of wireless networks,” according to the press bumf. This is through a variety of avenues, naturally including cellular and...

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Indian operators take a stand on OTT players undercutting their revenue

Telecom operators in India have challenged the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to provide a more level playing field for traditional operators against OTT players, according to reports.

According to the Economic Times of India, at a seminar organised by TRAI on “Regulatory Framework for OTT Services”, Vodafone’s TV Ramachandran said: “We want some kind...

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South Korea and US in fast lane for LTE rollout, report reveals

South Korea and the United States are leading the way in devices with 4G LTE capability, while devices from local vendors are on the rise, according to the latest Netbiscuits Web Trends Report.

The quarterly analysis, based on consumer web usage in 242 countries, found that local device vendors are starting to gain traction in Europe, whereas before the trend was largely confined to Asia. Wiko, a French vendor, and bq from Spain have made the top 50 devices in their own countries for the first, time, with 3%...

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Gowex employees speak of “helpless situation” after CEO admits falsifying accounts

Spanish Wi-Fi provider Gowex has been forced to declare bankruptcy after shocking revelations that the company had been falsifying its accounts for the past four years.

And, in a written statement, Gowex’s employees have noted a collective “state of complete shock” following the news.

Following the announcement to his board, Gowex CEO Jenaro Garcia Martin tendered his resignation, which was accepted.

According to a...

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Deutsche Telekom’s solid Q1 results are a boon given aggressive roadmap

Deutsche Telekom’s first quarter 2014 results and subsequent shareholder meeting have shown that the company is on the right footing, with an aggressive strategy and results to keep the shareholders relatively happy.

The goal is an ambitious one: to become Europe’s leading telecommunications provider which will ‘drive the fourth industrial revolution’. According to CEO Tim Hottges, this will be done in four steps: building a pan-European network which brings together fixed line, mobile...

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New survey asserts sponsored data plans should be tactic for operators

A new consumer survey from Citrix has revealed that the majority of smartphone users would engage with operators’ services if sponsored data plans were made available.

71% of men and 62% of women surveyed said they would engage in one of the sponsored plans, with the younger generations more likely to be open to the idea; 78% of millennials, compared to 66% of generation X and 52% of baby boomers.

If users did have access to a sponsored data plan, their most likely port of call would be their...

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Analysing the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard – the good and the bad

There are a lot of disruptive technologies in the Wi-Fi space which promises greater speed and connection, from Hotspot 2.0, which utilises the IEEE 802.11u standard to ape cellular roaming, to 802.11ac, which was launched by the Wi-Fi Alliance in June.

Ruckus Wireless has launched a product which is claimed to be the first to be designed on the 802.11ac standard from the ground up – the Ruckus ZoneFlex R700, which can operate as either a standalone access point (AP) or in a centrally managed wireless...

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