Straight Path settles spectrum dispute with FCC


Straight Path Communications has reached a comprehensive settlement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) related to the company’s wireless spectrum licenses, the company has announced.

As part of the agreement, the FCC has terminated its investigation of Straight Path, and now the company can move forward with the vast majority of its nationwide 39 GHz spectrum fully intact, and its 28 GHz spectrum unchanged.

Both 28 and 39 GHz, spectrum bands were the recent...

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5G milestone reached as ultra-high frequency spectrum made available

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5G is coming, and we're expecting high-speed data on par with that of fixed-line fiber connections. In order to achieve that ambitious goal it will take a different approach from what operators are used to, but it at least begins

Telstra delivers on its promise ahead of schedule – opens 4G network to MVNOs

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Last year, Australian telecommunications giant Telstra promised to open its 4G network to MVNOs as of June 2016. In a refreshing outcome, the company has delivered on its promise ahead of schedule. 

Telstra's 4G network reaches 92 percent of the Australian...

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FCC aims to unshackle connected car spectrum

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Managing spectrum allocation is tricky business, you want to ensure it's available where needed to enable innovation, but it's such a limited resource that when it's not being used it must be questioned as to whether it should be repurposed for use elsewhere. 

A pair of FCC commissioners has raised this question during an event in Washington DC

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Fierce battle for 4G spectrum kicks-off in Thailand

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Thailand’s operators are looking to bolster their 4G services as soon as possible, and have battled it out for over 24 hours in a spectrum auction for frequency bands which could provide them with a boost over competitors. In fact, the battle for spectrum has been going so fierce that authorities have been forced to extend the auction to a second day. 

40.1 million...

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Three UK reduces indoor blackspots with 800MHz VoLTE rollout

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One of the most frustrating things a mobile user can face is indoor signal, or a lack thereof. Current high frequencies used for LTE in the UK can offer higher capacity, but at the expense of coverage due to how the signal attenuates through walls and buildings. Hutchison-owned network, Three, aims to reduce indoor blackspots through becoming the first operator in the UK to rollout VoLTE using the low 800MHz frequency.

4G Super-Voice (Three's fancy name...

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