Billing models in a digital age: How operators can adapt to keep pace with demand


Digitalisation has had a huge impact on how we use our phones, with consumers now expecting to access data-rich services such as social platforms, videos and emails, on the go via their smartphone or tablet. This in turn has impacted billing and charging models, resulting in customers buying an increasing number of flat rate and all-you-can eat packages, made up of app-specific service bundles.

On the surface, this should make things simpler for operators to:

  • Reduce the number of complex tariff structures they need to...

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By subscription only? Redefining consumer business models for CSPs


In October I looked at subscription business models from an IoT angle. This time around, let’s discuss subscriptions from a slightly different standpoint. With the recent European Commission decision to effectively outlaw the current roaming charge model and the impending mainstream availability of standards-based remotely programmable embedded SIMs, things may never be the same again.


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Opinion: CSPs must evolve their billing systems to mobilise the enterprise

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The consumer mobile experience has evolved and communications service providers (CSPs) are now empowering subscribers by giving them the ability to purchase data top-ups, access services on-demand and view accurate balances instantaneously. However, this advanced billing experience, enabled through real-time business support systems (BSS), is currently limited to the consumer...

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By subscription only: The future of traditional telecoms services?


Among the sweeping changes taking place within the telecommunications industry, the popularity of subscription based business models seems to consistently resonate as one of the top concerns for all involved. With new players entering the field on a weekly basis, the business model of communication service providers (CSPs) will never be the same again.

Despite a number of variations introduced over the years, telecommunication services have traditionally been charged on a pay per...

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Why getting the basics right will drive growth for CSPs


With 1.35 billion smartphones expected to sell globally this year driven by consumer demand for better and faster devices, great pressure mounts on communications service providers (CSPs) to innovate to keep up.  With many new technologies and handsets announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress, the supporting infrastructure to enable this connected world and support the constant increase in mobile data consumption becomes ever more important.

As demand in the telecoms...

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Debunking the myths behind multi-play

Service providers have evolved from offering a single service to bundles, triple play, quad play and now multi-play. Having seen this development with our own eyes, it’s no surprise that many of us consider ourselves multi-play experts, or at the very least believe we have a concrete understanding of the basics.

Could we be wrong though? What if these long-accepted multi-play beliefs aren’t actually true?

According to a white paper by independent research group, Analysys Mason, entitled, “IT...

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Infobip VP mobile payments: The challenges of standardisation

“I honestly don’t think that mobile payments will ever substitute cards or cash,” admits Paolo Rizzardini, VP mobile payments at Infobip.

It’s a pretty interesting statement coming from a VP of mobile payments. Yet it’s a pragmatic view, accepting that the convenience of mobile solutions won't kill off the traditional channels.

Rizzardini adds: “The user needs to have the option...and select the one that better feeds his habits, but it’s not up to us to decide what...

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EMV is now a marketing issue after the Target breach

Gilles Ubaghs, Senior Analyst, Financial Services Technology

The payment security breach at Target and several other major US retailers in late 2013 has had a profound impact on the US payment market and will act as a major catalyst for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa standard (EMV) migration. Although the transition to EMV is already underway through the upcoming fraud liability shifts under the major payment schemes’ EMV roadmaps, fraud is now emerging as a major consumer concern and subsequently a...

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Offload to avoid overload – and retain revenues

Mobile operators are facing a data crunch.  Sales of bandwidth-hungry mobile broadband devices continue to rise but consumer led, all-you-can-eat tariffs mean that revenues aren’t keeping pace with data volumes.  Instead, there’s increasing congestion on networks.  What’s more, a recent report from Juniper Research forecast that almost 50% of data traffic generated by 3G/4G-connected devices will be offloaded to Wi-Fi and Small Cell networks this year

This equates to 10...

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