Is management T-Mobile USA’s layer of fat?

There’s an article in French magazine Challenges this week about Iliad and T-Mobile. It’s entitled “How Iliad-Free bluffed the Americans” (in French). As usual with the business press, it doesn’t actually answer the question, and by and large there’s little new in there. Still, there’s a quote that I found interesting in the context in which I view the potential acquisition, as described in my earlier post from last week.

Vodafone launches HD Voice leaving O2 behind

Vodafone has launched HD Voice which means only O2 is left without its abilities on their mobile network and, shockingly, the company says it has no official plans to support it either.

What are all these fake cell phone towers?

The CEO of ESD America has revealed that one of his customers took a road trip from Florida to North Carolina and connected to eight fake cell towers; even finding one at South Point Casino in Las Vegas.