Why is Skype forcing a software upgrade on all of us?

Today when I opened up my laptop and switched to Skype, I found that I had been logged out. Now, to be clear, I wasn't using an ancient version of Skype. My laptop had version from sometime in, say, March 2013 - so yes, it was over a year old, but the thing with Skype is that it has had a history of always "just working", which perhaps we as users have gotten used to.

Indian operators take a stand on OTT players undercutting their revenue

Telecom operators in India have challenged the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to provide a more level playing field for traditional operators against OTT players, according to reports. According to the Economic Times of India, at a seminar organised by TRAI on “Regulatory Framework for OTT Services”, Vodafone’s TV Ramachandran said: “We want some kind of regulatory help to get a level playing field.

FCC chairman "deeply troubled" by Verizon's plans to manage speeds of data hogs

A small fraction of Verizon Wireless’ 104.6 million retail connections have a tendency to hog bandwidth, prompting the company to manage the speeds of the top 5 percent of data users who subscribe to unlimited data plans. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler isn’t happy. In a letter Wednesday to Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel Mead, Wheeler said he was “deeply troubled” by the wireless carrier’s earlier announcement that it plans to slow the data speeds of some customers beginning in October.

CSPs can convert insights to revenue in the big data age

Three UK recently revealed its plans to transition from a “pricing-led” to “customer enjoyment-led” business model, adding that as part of this shift it will offer new data analysis services to its corporate customers to help them address some of the questions they may have about their business. While these services are still in the development phase, CSPs are beginning to ask themselves what value-added services they can develop for businesses that will allow them to effectively monetise the data they collect.

Why net neutrality does not equal net utility

The most strident proponents of "net neutrality" want the Federal Communications Commission to declare broadband a utility, so the government can ensure that everyone gets equal access to the best Internet service that today's providers can offer. Had they gotten this wish back in 1999, there is a good chance we would all get online today using state-of-the-art dial-up modems.

Can quad-play take off in the UK?

In tough financial times when people are looking at their monthly discretionary spend very closely, the reality of being tied into a £100 a month or more contract is the tipping point that erodes quad-play's commercial proposition and has kept quad-play out of contention in the UK - until now.

How network virtualisation will advance the telecom sector

As new technologies continue to evolve, open network virtualisation strategies are reshaping the telecom carrier ecosystem. The ongoing shift to cloud services and mobile internet technologies is driving service providers and their suppliers to improve their efficiency and agility.According to the latest market study by International Data Corporation (IDC), network virtualisation is set to...