What are all these fake cell phone towers?

The CEO of ESD America has revealed that one of his customers took a road trip from Florida to North Carolina and connected to eight fake cell towers; even finding one at South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

Driving faster, smarter networks with SDN

With the rise of M2M and the Internet of Things set to increase pressure on networks, operators are facing a real test to ensure they guarantee a consistently smooth experience for their end users which can fortunately be achieved through SDN.

Small businesses are shifting toward VoIP solutions, report finds

Small businesses are shifting toward VoIP solutions although still rely heavily on both mobile and landlines also according to a recent report by software company Software Advice. The report, which surveyed over 350 businesses (those from companies with annual revenues of £120 million or less) during 2013-2014 to try and determine common pain points and reasoning for purchasing a new business phone system.

How wireless technologies enable the Internet of Everything

Imagine a world where all manner of electrical and electronic devices are connected together via a wireless link -- that's the Internet of Everything. The installed base of active wireless connected devices will exceed 16 billion in 2014, that's about 20 percent more than in 2013, according to the latest market study by ABI Research.

Device manufacturers and mindboggling moves in emerging markets

Movements of major tech players are exciting and device manufacturers continue to wow the world with stunning new tech in the smartphone arena. But right alongside this, sometimes decisions are made that make us stop and wonder – what on earth’s going on?